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  • We have showrooms for our Tahitian Pearls and Jewelry Supplies Wholesale located on Maui, Oahu, Kailua-Kona & California.

    Natural Diamonds, Choose  (DIA-136 to 144)
    Natural Diamonds, Choose  (DIA-136 to 144)
    Natural Diamonds, Choose  (DIA-136 to 144)
    Natural Diamonds, Choose  (DIA-136 to 144)
    Natural Diamonds, Choose  (DIA-136 to 144)

    Natural Diamonds, Choose (DIA-136 to 144)

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    This listing is for your choice of natural Diamonds, Loose Natural Diamond, Faceted Cabochon, Sparkling Finest Quality.

    A natural color diamond from South Africa.

    Prices are per carat.

    Please choose your diamond in drop down menu

    Color, Carat weight, Shape, and Dimensions:

    DIA-136 - Red - 0.85 tcw - Pear
    6.61mm x 5.02mm x 1.47mm
    6.57mm x 5.13mm x 1.46mm

    DIA-137 - Gray - 0.95 tcw - Cushion
    7.38 x 6.78mm x 1.69mm

    DIA-138 - Brown - 7.40 tcw - Pear
    15.06mm x 13.80mm x 4.99mm

    DIA-139 - Gray - 16.65 tcw - Oval
    18.78mm x 14.10mm x 7.95mm

    DIA-140 - Chameleon - 6.70 tcw - Pear
    13.83mm x 9.79mm x 3.05mm
    13.76mm x 9.87mm x 3.29mm

    DIA-141 - Gray - 2.55 tcw - Emerald
    8.27mm x 7.19mm x 2.97mm
    8.27mm x 7.24mm x 1.96mm

    DIA-142 - Gray - 1.95 tcw - Pear
    8.16mm x 6.78mm x 1.60mm
    8.73mm x 7.24mm x 1.74mm

    DIA-143 - Gray - 2.35 tcw - Pear
    9.80mm x 6.30mm x 2.79mm
    9.76mm x 6.42mm x 2.53mm

    DIA-144 - Gray - 2.40 tcw - Pear
    9.98mm x 7.39mm x 1.63mm
    9.81mm x 7.26mm x 1.92mm

    We ship within 1 day of receiving your order from Hawaii by First Class Airmail. Shipping to the mainland USA usually takes 3 to 5 days. Shipping to anywhere in Hawaii usually takes 1 to 2 days. Shipping international usually takes about 1 week.

    We import these Tahitian pearls straight from the crystal-clear lagoons of French Polynesia, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong. Over the last 10 years of working with Tahitian pearl farmers and auction houses in Tahiti we are able to give our clients a large selection of Tahitian Pearls to choose from with competitive prices and excellent quality. Our office is in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. We are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and are here to help with all your pearl needs. Our office is at 46-003 Alaloa St, Kaneohe, HI 96744 about 30 min from Waikiki.

    The next time you come to Hawaii please stop by our Pearl Store at Tropical Farms (Macadamia Nut Farm) at 49-227 Kamehameha Hwy # A, Kaneohe, HI 96744. We are open everyday including Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm and have thousands of loose pearls to choose from. We are about a 45 min drive from Waikiki and about 10 min from Kaneohe. We have many finished pearl jewelry designs in 14k gold with diamonds and sterling silver. Rings, Pendants, Necklaces and Earrings. The Macadamia Nut Farm offers free Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Samples as well. It's a beautiful side of the island to enjoy and close to the famous Chinaman's Hat Island.