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    Drill Machine , Sku#DKJ-A-B-C
    Drill Machine , Sku#DKJ-A-B-C

    Drill Machine , Sku#DKJ-A-B-C

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    Drill Machine , Sku#DKJ-A-B-C

    Adjustable Motor

    Poles - 50/60Hz

    Volts - 110V

    Power - 60W-450W

    AMP’s - 0.28    1.35

    R.P.M - 500-18000mim


    1) can be used for accurate holing on such precious stone as pearl, wooden beads, beeswax, coral, Amber, Ivory Beach, J B’s, and ornaments components come such a gold, silver and copper.

    2) this machine is equipped with nine suits of special collets, which is suitable to the pearls and round shapes and other shapes or special shapes.

    3) Collet of this machine is made from nylon, Which prevent Pearl from being mingled with flower and scar.

    4) can make a hole and pearls of various specifications from 4 to 35 mm (including freshwater pearl, sea water pearl, south sea pearl, daxidi black pearl, Shell, Carl and Amber)

    5) Fitted with 0.5 to 1.2 mm special tungsten-steel drilling needle for holing pearl.

    6) Holing depth can be regulated.

    7) equipped with pedal switch controlled motor, easy and highly efficient.

    8) fitted with power assisted handle device, saving effort and convenient in use