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If you are interested in distributing our line of successful products then our newly developed Wholesale Hawaii program is just for you. Sign up is completely free. Weather you are interested in starting a wholesale business for yourself, being a Pearl Party host, a large cooperate business or simply a store owner looking for new product guaranteed to sell we've got all the tools you need here.

    Benefits For Selling
  • Expect 1 on 1 help from an account manager to help you get moving.
  • Expect Product that sells and get refunded if they don't!
  • Expect free products and promotional tools that will assist you in sales

Thousands of people have already signed up and continue to run their business with our products. Below start.


Where Can I Start Once I Get My Product?

Here are 50 Places and Ways to Start Doing Your Own Business!

  1. Cruise Lines
  2. Swap meets
  3. Private Pearl Parties
  4. Trade Shows
  5. Fashion shows
  6. Small boutiques
  7. Fundraiser's
  8. Massage parlors
  9. Beauty shops
  10. Craft fairs
  11. Universities
  12. Yard sales
  13. Department stores
  14. Gift shops
  15. Convenience stores
  16. Home & office parties
  17. Military Exchanges
  18. Boutique fairs
  1. Flea Markets
  2. Church gatherings
  3. Tanning salons
  4. Shops that sell Surf wear
  5. Any Jewelry Shop
  6. Variety shops
  7. Tourist shops
  8. Sportswear, swim wear shops
  9. Resort Wear shops
  10. Health food stores
  11. Health spas and centers
  12. Auctions
  13. Dance studios & clubs
  14. Special events
  15. Non-profit groups
  16. Street shows & events
  17. Cultural events
  18. Sporting events
  1. Exports
  2. Hobby and Craft Stores
  3. Music Festivals / Concerts
  4. Theme parks
  5. Fitness centers & workout gyms
  6. Art festivals
  7. Door to door
  8. Rented Kiosk in Mall or Beach
  9. Build Your Own Web site
  10. Ebay and Forums
  11. Other Distributors & Middlemen
  12. On Your Telephone
  13. Airports
  14. Your Own Business Store

    Benefits of distributing for Aloha Pearls
  • We Produce Our Own Product and Have No Middlemen
  • An Establish and Trusted Business Name
  • Inexpensive Product Cost Which Is Attractive to Buyers
  • A Helpful and Enthusiastic Team
  • Other Aloha Pearls Related Employment Opportunities Career
  • Freedom to Work Around Your Own Schedule
  • Expand and Grow Your Small Business Into A Full Time Operation
  • Making Money and a Sense of Accomplishment!


If you are interested in starting your own activity part time or full time or simply just searching for student jobs Aloha Pearls a great place to begin. For more information regarding this matter feel free to inquire at \n alec "at" alohapearls.com (This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it) you may also call Alec Rupp-Smith at 808-255-1975 for further information.


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