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Freshwater Pink Pearls, Tahitian Black Pearls & More

Difference in size and shape can have a dramatic price difference on cultured pearl jewelry. Do you know the difference between a black pearl necklace and a pink pearl necklace other than the color? Why is a South Sea pearl necklace more expensive an a freshwater pearl necklace? Here we will introduce you to the types of oyster pearls that are more than meets the eye.

Akoya Pearls - are the most common type of pearl necklace given to a girl on her "16th Birthday" or for a wedding present. Akoya necklaces are very popular because they are versatile and can be worn to different occasions. Adding a touch of glamour and elegance is easy with an Akoya pearl necklace. This necklace is especially nice because it radiates a brilliant luster. An Akoya black pearl necklace is an unique alternative to the classic white.

Tahitian Pearls - These beautiful black pearls are cultured from the P. margaritifera (scientific name) black-tipped oyster. Early farming of Tahitian black pearls were done mostly in French Polynesia. However, in recent times, farms can be found in the Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, and other places. Harvesting times are usually between May and November. Typical Tahitian pearls have 2mm of nacre all around. The nacre is what gives the Tahitian black pearl necklace and earrings their luminous luster.

Freshwater Pearls - You will find that Freshwater pearl jewelry are generally the best bang for the dollar. Freshwater pearls are generally farmed in rivers, lakes and other water locked places. Many freshwater pearls can be of equal to their saltwater relatives, in luster and size. Freshwater pearls have one advantage to saltwater pearls, being that they are generally all nacre. Most freshwater pearls are not nucleated with a bead and because of this, have thicker nacre than other saltwater pearls. Thus a Freshwater pearl necklace is a good choice if wear is one of your concerns. In addition, Freshwater pearl jewelry come in a variety of colors, so if you are looking for a black or pink pearl necklace, chances are you'll find Freshwater black and pink pearls to your liking. Indeed, for enthusiasts of non traditional pearl colors, most purple and pink pearl jewelry are made of the Freshwater variety.

South Sea Pearls - South Sea Pearls are what platinum is to gold. They are the most expensive pearls in the market due to a combination of various factors. Production is worldwide, however, Australia makes up an estimated 61% of production, with Indonesian following with 29% and 10% from the Philippines. The colors of South Sea Pearls vary from white, cream, golden yellow, to silver. Rarity is only one of the reasons why these oyster pearls are expensive. They are also extremely large in size. Their thick nacre creates a soft glow instead of a metal like luster. Over 90% of South Sea Pearls are white, cream, and silver. This makes the golden yellow color the most valuable.

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