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Includes Akoya, Tahitian & Freshwater Pearls Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry - When we think about cultured pearls jewelry, a first image is commonly a white round white gem. The world of pearls however is much more extensive with colorful, with fun filled variations of styles, shapes, and sizes that many of you would have never imagined existed. Aloha Pearls has a massive collection of pearl jewelry inluding a rare chicken feet freshwater pearl necklace, exquisite pearl earrings, and even a giant white freshwater pearl necklace. These odd shapes can occur in akoya pearls, tahitian pearls, and more commonly freshwater pearls! Recently coin pearls have become quite popular. These pearls that look similar to coins have become quite the fashion attracting fans of all ages. Coin pearls aren't that round but surprisingly hold more value than you'd think! It might also interest you that colorwise pink pearls hold even more value than the white pearls!

Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Contrary to what some people think about pearls designs are constantly changing for today's fashion needs. Pearl bridal jewelry has become even more popular in recent times and people are moving towards fun freshwater pearl designs instead of the classic akoya pearls which tends to be more expensive. This doesn't mean Tahitian pearls have been left out of the question. In the past Tahitian pearls were very expensive, today more people can enjoy a strand without having to re-mortgage their house. Read more in our fashion section about fashion pearls .

We hope this small section about cultured pearls has been helpful to you. Aloha Pearls strives to offer the best quality and most affordable prices. Below you can find some links that will take you to some items where you can apply your newly acquired knowledge about pearls. From cultured pearl earrings, black, white, purple or pink pearls we've got it all for you here at Aloha Pearls. Enjoy the collection. Mahalo!

Services has been further expanded recenetly and now include a selection of settings! If you are interested in creating your own jewelry creations you may now do so. Simply click the link to see what settings we have to offer!

Hematite and Pearl Collections (magnetic jewelry)
Fashion Jewelry (popular for weddings)
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Fashion Pearl Jewelry Section

Fashion pearl jewelry is a great way to spoil yourself rotten without burning a hole in your pocket. Made up of freshwater pearls these pieces maintains and high luster and rich nacre which ensures the pearls are still of good standing quality. You’ll also notice some of freshwater pearls designs have mounted with high quality materials including sterling silver, cubic zirconium crystals and even silk.

Not all of the pearls in this section are round and oblique. You might be surprised to see that our fashion pearl jewelry collection even contains a variety of unique freshwater pearls such as and coin and mabes. There shapes offer a one in a kind piece and with prices starting at $9.00 it’s the perfect source for gifts and self indulgence without guilt!

Perhaps one of the most sought products in this fashion pearl jewelry section are the illusion necklaces. Illusion necklaces also known as floating pearls have long been a favorite to pearl lovers. Mounted on monofilament lines, when worn they give the impression that the pearls are hovering around ones neck. You’ll find a wide variety of colors and color combination to choose from.

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