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We've recently compiled a few educational videoson how to make jewelry. For those of you who are interested in the makings of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets you will find these videos very helpful. They cover a number of topics and different types to include freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, and Akoya pearls. We will show you how to make a necklace, make stud earrings (coming soon), make a bracelet and stringing pearls in general. We will furthermore explain how pearls are drilled and mounted! Coming soon we will feature a pearl earrings video! Enjoy the videos and if you have questions please email or share your questions with our pearl community by posting them on our forum! Use these videos and you'll soon be on your way to making your own earrings and restringing necklaces!

Pearls will get dirty from time to time. It's more than normal when you use things. So when cleaning time comes make sure you use a clean soft clean cloth with a touch of water for your pearls. DO NOT use a toothbrush or soap. Once done cleaning your pearls, place them on a clean dry towel. We also advise restringing them on silk once every year or two This keeps the pearlslooking fresh and avoids the risk of breaking your strand and loosing pearls. More information on how to care for your pearls can be found on the link.

Removing Pearls From A Necklace

This video will show you how we take freshwater pearls off a necklace by using boiled water and replace them with Tahitian Pearls. - Download 13.1MB


Boiling Water To RemovePearls From Posts

Sometimes it maybe difficult to remove pearls from their settings. This video will show you how to remove them without scratching and ruining the pearls! Download 13.6MB


Using A Pearl Drill To Drill Pearls

We have many times been questioned about drilling pearls. This tutorial aims to give you an idea about how it's done. Good Luck Download 20.2MB


Attaching Tahitian Pearls To Posts

This video is shows how to set Tahitian Pearls on a post setting. If you watched the "Removing Pearls From A Necklace" video, this tutorial will give you the finishing touch! Download 13.5MB


We are now taking requests for videos. If you would like to see one then please email us and we'll put it together for you!

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