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How to Care for your Cultured Pearl Jewelry

Cultured Pearl Care For Your Jewelry - Unlike diamonds, cultured pearls are not the hardest gemstone in the world. This does not mean that they won't last, and with a little extra care and some pearl education these healthy habits will make your pearls last a lifetime! Therefore, whenwearing pearls itís important to remove your jewelry when engaging in yard work,construction, ocean activities, or any type of work that may be rough on your pearls. Chemicals also pose as a threat to pearls. Avoid direct use of perfume, lotions, or hair sprays. Contact with these chemicals may shorten your pearls lifespan. This doesn't mean you should never use perfume and lotions when you decide to wear pearls, that wouldn't be fun. In general use this simple rule. Pearls should be the first things off (when you get home) and the last on (when going out). This way your pearls will avoid direct contacts with perfume and lotions.

Pearls will get dirty from time to time. It's more than normal when you use things. So when cleaning time comes make sure you use a clean soft clean cloth with a touch of water for your pearls. DO NOT use a toothbrush or soap. Once done cleaning your pearls, place them on a clean dry towel. We also advise restringing pearls on silk once every year or two This keeps the pearlslooking fresh and avoids the risk of breaking your strand and loosing pearls.

You can furthermore help ensure that your necklace doesn't break or worse yet you loose any pearls by re-stringing them once every 2-3 years. Depending on how often they are worn and how much wear is on the strings they may not require restringing this ofter. On the other hand if they get a lot of wear you may even have to restring every year. Aloha Pearls currently Offers cleaning services for all Akoya pearl jewelry, necklaces, earrings including Tahitian, freshwater, white, pink, black pearls and any other type of pearl for $50. If you'd like to send us your pearls for cleaning please contact us through email for instructions. We hope you've found this pearl information on how to care for pearls helpful. Remeber: Take care of your pearls and they will last a lifetime!

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