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Includes Oysters, Freshwater and Akoya for Your Pearl Party

Pearl Party - What is a Pearl Party?

Pearl parties bring real oysters to homes and other locations and allow individuals to open the oysters and pick the pearls directly from them!

See how they are opened here:

Pearl parties are by far a fun and one of a kind way to enjoy anything from birthday events to fundraiser events. Aloha Pearls holds inexpensive pearl party solutions for a variety of individuals. Sold in crates of 50 each oyster holds a guaranteed pearl inside.

The pearls range in color from lustrous whites, peaches, pinks and dark purples. Our most economic crate starts from $4.99 an oyster and contains 50 in a crate ($249.50). We also offer a variety of pearl pendants and settings that hold the loose pearls you find. The cage pendants like the oysters come 50 and are at the same cost as the oysters of $249.50 ($4.99 each).

Types of Pearls- Our pearls in an oyster collection currently come in three different types.

1) Our first type which is also our most economic package is the freshwater oval pearl collection. These oysters hold a lustrous freshwater oval shaped pearl around 7mm to 7.5mm in size. The colors available are white, pink, peach, and dark purple.

2) The second type of pearl oyster we offer is the freshwater round pearl. This type of pearl is also 7mm to 7.5mm and can even get up to 8mm. The pearls found inside to hold a very intense luster a clean surface. Available colors include white, pink, peach, and dark purple.

3) The third type of pearl oyster is the highest of quality and belong to the sea pearl family. Akoya Pearls are notorious for their intense luster and incredibly round shape. All pearl found inside are extremely clean and glitter at every hint of light. Our available colors include white, pink, peach and dark purple.

Packaging and Presentation - All our above collection have been made with high gloss packaging material with colorful flowers making an exotic and stunning first impression. When opening the pearls simply lift the lid on the box and pull the sealed can out of the container Crack the lid with a pull tab and extract the oyster. We suggest rinsing the oyster in water before opening to remove the odorless alcohol solution which preserves the oyster. The sealed oyster will then need to be opened up. Although you can use your fingernails to open them, we suggest using a butter knife or something similar. Once you've opened the oyster extract the pearl and rinse it in room temperature water. Dry it off with a towel and you're all done!

Shelf Life - The great thing about the oysters is they don't have a shelf life. Although we don't suggest storing them for extremely long periods of time, it brings peace of mind knowing that as long as their container remains closed they will last a very very long time.

Business Opportunities - Aloha Pearls has helped many individuals start their own pearl party business. If you see the opportunity for pearl parties in your area and are interested in starting your own business then we have all the tools you'd need to succeed. This program is free from hidden startup costs. Contact us for more information and we'll be happy to help address all of your questions and get you started!

In order to receive wholesale pricing, you'll need to sign up for a free account. Minimum order is 50 pieces. To sign up for your account please click here.

View our Pearl in Oysters by clicking the link.:

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