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Cultured Freshwater Pearls And The Oysters

Freshwater Pearls: Necklaces Earrings and Bracelets

Today's Cultured Freshwater Pearls Margaratifera Margaratifera - The oyster that produces these pearls (Margaratifera margaratifera) has an advantage over some other types of oysters. That is it can be nucleated (the process of planting a "seed" in the oyster for growth) multiple times. Although freshwater pearls are commonly known as a more economical type of pearl its beauty should never be underestimated! They have the potential to by just as beautiful and flawless as any other pearl. Our company has a beautiful selection of freshwater pearls and freshwater pearl jewelry. This 10-12mm pink freshwater pearl necklace pictured below is a fine example of just one in our vast collection. To your surprise you'll realize the photo says it all. Freshwater pearls have the potential to reach the same luster, roundness, and quality of akoya pearls, tahitian pearls, and even south sea pearls! In fact in some freshwater pearl earrings, not even experienced jewelers can tell the difference!

So what are the typical characteristics of these pearls? Refer to the table below for a general idea. Remember there are not set dimensions. Extremities do exist regarding the sizes and shapes and almost anything is possible! All of our wholesale freshwater pearls are AA quality and certified by a GIA graduate.

Pearl Guide Chart

Upon your internet adventures and shopping sprees you'll notice a variety of colors exist for this type of pearl jewelry, blacks, blues, greens, yellow, reds, whites and pinks. This is because these types are the most diverse in the industry for shapes, sizes, and colors. Some freshwater's will be dyed or treated others maybe natural. Pearls are remarkable "sponges" if you will, and absorb a lot for being so hard. The dye is permanent and in general should not fade. If you're buying a freshwater pearl necklace or freshwater pearl earrings and are concerned, your best bet is to always ask make sure it's appraised by a reputable organization or GIA graduate.

pink freshwater pearls Necklace with Diamond Encrusted Clasp in 14k White Gold - One of the biggest necklaces in its class that we have in stock! For special requests regarding these type of items please contact us directly If you wish to browse through our current collection of wholesale freshwater pearls you can do so by clicking the links below. If you have questions please feel free to contact us! Our Freshwater pearls collection:

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces - Follow this link for our lustrous collection of pearl necklaces. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. This particular collection is perfect for women of all ages and available in various sizes.

Freshwater Pearl Bracelets
- For those looking for something to compliment an elegant dress or simply a pair of new jeans. From classic pearl bracelets to multicolored you will find it all in this section.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings - One of our most popular sections on the web site, here, you'll be able to find everything from studs to dangle earrings and more. Vibrant and colorful they are a great addition with those new clothes you bought and even fit for elegant occasions!

Fashion Jewelry - If you are a freshwater fan you might be interested in checking out our fashion jewelry section!


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