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Pearl Drill For Pearls Gemstones and Jewelry

Also Appropriate Beads, Metals, and Stone


This is a Japanese Bi Tension Motor with One Year Warranty Japanese motor pearl drill. It may be used for drilling pearls, beads, and gemstones. Retail for this machine is typically $1200.


Check Out the Our Pearl Education Video section to see the drill in action! With the order you'll receive FREE: A wood storage box, drill bits to get you started, and mounting cups.

Along with our unique selection of Hawaiian jewelry and pearls, we are offering pearl and jewelry tools such as pearl drill, jewelry drill, and pearl measuring devices. When it comes to pearl and Hawaiian jewelry, Aloha Pearls has it all at true wholesale prices.

Precision JAPANESE motor made by Japanese Bi Tension Motor with One Year Warranty. The Pearl drill motor is quiet, smooth, long lasting, and accurate giving you the best for pearl drillings possible. These are all important factors to look at when buying a pearl drill. Many drills have Chinese motors that are of inferior quality. Most of them will eventually malfunction leaving you stranded with your work. This is why it's imperative to buy a pearl drill with a Japanese Motor. Our pearl drills also come with a convenient flipping device that is attached with magnets to rotate the pearl 180 degrees to drill on the opposite side. This way when you're drilling all the way through you don’t have to take the pearl or gemstone off trying to guess where the other side is. With a flip of a finger it's all lined up and ready to go! Convenient and definitely time efficient! This particular make of pearl drill has been tested and used numerous time in our own stores. It works great! You'll also find the pearl drill comes with the following features:

· This machine can drill pearls, coral, amber, gold, silver, copper and many other materials.

· This pearl drill machine comes with 9 sets of special metal cups so that you fit your pearls perfectly when drilling pearls.

· This machine comes with a pedal to control your machine with your feet. Similar to a sewing machine pedal, it frees up your hands to work on the drilling of the pearl.

· Also, there is a grinding bit, in case you need to grind off the top of a drop pearl. Comes in very handy when trying to mount settings on to drop pearls.

PRODUCT INFO: 16" long x 10" wide WEIGHT: 15

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