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Akoya Pearl- AKoya Pearl Necklace a Perfect Gift For

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

It cannot be argues that pearls are the most exquisite gemstone. Pearls create the most beautiful jewelry because of the versatility they offer. These treasures come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and types. Each pearl possesses a characteristic that makes it special in its own way. Akoya pearls are one of the most stunning and popular because of the shape they come in. These pearls are always perfectly round because of the way they are nucleated.

During implantation, a farmer will insert a small glass or ceramic bead into the oyster. The nacre of the oysters shell then forms over the bead, creating a pearl with flawless shape. Another factor that sets these pearls apart, in their size. Akoya pearls are produced in smaller sizes than any other type of pearl. The largest that these pearls average is about 9mm and the smallest is around 4 mm. AKoya pearls are naturally white but can be enhanced to dark colors like black and blue and occasionally emerald green. Akoya pearls make the most outstanding pearl strands that you could find. Their small uniform sizes create strands that give off an elegant look.

These pearls look great in a pearl strand with same-sized pearls, as well as variegating sizes of pearls and will be sure to draw attention. Any woman would love to receive a gift of AKoya pearls. These pearls are flawless, just like the one you love, so shop at to find the perfect pearl necklace.

Pearl Necklace for Wedding Day

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

If a diamond is woman’s best friend, a pearl necklace exudes a woman’s inner beauty. An elegant way to show the classy yet fashionable side of the bride while marching on the wedding isle is wearing a pearl necklace. In pictures, the effect would be timeless and even grandchildren will appreciate the classic style when they look back at the photos in the future.

There are various choices of pearl necklaces the bride can wear. The shapes of the beads are countless as they come in baroque, coin shapes, button shapes, pear shapes, oval shapes, and round. The sizes of the pearls can be chosen too from 4 mm to 11 mm. Each pearl necklace can be customized from choker to dangling types. They come in different colors too from the lightest white to the deepest black. A good quality pearl necklace is naturally lustrous in appearance and solid to the touch.

A pearl necklace is also perfect for any occasion and any dress. A bride can just take away her wedding gown and don on a cocktail dress for the reception while retaining the pearl necklace on her neck. A pearl necklace might look expensive enough but the reality is that there are good quality but inexpensive jewelry sets in the market. Pearl jewelry with common color tints usually are the most affordable sets.

Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most affordable pearl sets but if the buyer is willing to spend on high quality pearl beads, saltwater akoya pearl beads are recommended. A pearl necklace with akoya beads are top class in luster and nacre size.