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An Essential Addition To Your Vanity Box/ pearl Necklace

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

A pearl necklace will be a great addition to any girls Vanity box. Pearls will make any women feel amazing, and feel like they look like a million dollars. Pearls have always been apart of fashion, and women today are looking for that special something that all their friends will gossip about. Many times have women gone into a pearl jewelry store and never really have heard about pearls.

Pearl jewelry will be a great addition to any girl’s vanity box. Pearls last for a very long time, and are for the most part passed down generation to generation. It has been a long standing tradition in some countries for the parents to get a girl a pearl for every year of her birthday.

When the little girl turns into a beautiful lady at the age of twenty two to twenty three she will have enough pearls to make her own necklace! It will be a great piece to wear to all types of occasions. Necklaces are just one of the many great styles of pearl jewelry. Pearl earrings have become very popular, and give women that extra sizzle. Pearl bracelets really do compliment the necklace, and most the type a full set will make a girl feel like it’s her wedding day.

All over pop culture it is clearly seen how much pearls have played a role in shaping today’s world. Pearls will never treat you wrong nor forsake you!

Truly An Elegant Piece Of Beauty – Pearl Bracelets

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Pearl bracelets are among the top choices for women when it comes to pearl jewelry. All of our bracelets are made from the best pearls. Freshwater and akoya sea pearls are the main types of pearls that we use for bracelets.

Freshwater pearl bracelets come in shapes other than near round. Baroque or circle pearl makes breathtaking bracelets. We have coin pearl with crystals set in gold plated roundels. We also make custom bracelets to fit any size wrist. The clasps are made of solid gold and we carry all types such as the Japanese clasps, toggles and tiny ball clasps. A stunning blueberry freshwater pearl bracelet of matching size and shape pearls, some bracelets of this color have clear crystal at intervals to give that rich look of sophistication.

Akoya pearl bracelets are the best. These akoya pearls make the best strand necklaces and bracelets because of their characteristic uniformity in roundness and size. Lovely golden bracelets or pearly white 7.5-inch bracelets with 7.5 mm pearls are truly classical. The akoya blueberry or black pearl is just simply fantastic with or without crystals these dazzling gems can hold their own. Cream colored akoya pearls or white will accent any outfit and give any women satisfaction.

Pearl Bracelets

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

When looking at a new freshwater pearl bracelet on the market one must consider all the different types of styles there are available. A simple 7.5mm freshwater pearl bracelet is probably one of the most common types of pearl jewelry available. It comes in white, black or sometimes pink. The pink and the white are usually naturally colored, while the black is usually enhanced color.

Usually the pearls are hand knotted on silk and then finished off with a 14k. gold clasp in ball or fish hook style. Not that all pearl bracelet s need to be so conservative, because mixing in some 14k. gold diamond balls and pearls together can really spice it up quite nicely. Also, mixing in colored stones or rough cut diamonds with the pearls into the pearl bracelets can make the jewelry very attractive and appealing. A new trend that seems to be picking up lately is mixing in leather and stringing pearls on them. This may become more and more popular as time goes by.

The Epitome of pearl bracelets

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

One accessory loved by women is bracelet. The adornment of the hand catches the visual imagery of elegance and style. It highlights the beauty of the wrists. Gypsies decorate their hands with bracelets in order to make their dances more graceful. Aside from adornment, bracelets can have various meanings. It can mean friendship, fight for a cause, or love. In this case, bracelets are not only fashion accessories but also symbols.

When it comes to classic elegance, pearl bracelets never go out of style. It will always be fashionable no matter what decade one chooses to wear it. The beauty of the pearls lies in its luster. A pearl that has the ability to reflect light is likely to be a high grade piece.

To preserve its luster, a user must make sure that the pearl bracelets suit perfectly well in her wrists. If the bracelet is too tight, it will easily break. Also, the friction of the skin and the pearl’s nacre will affect the bead’s shine. Wearer must put on the perfume first before using the bracelet. The strong chemicals found in the perfume can corrode the nacre and again affect the bead’s luster.

Pearl bracelets must be worn with utmost care. More than its monetary value, the symbolism that comes with it from the giver should be in the wearer’s mind. Taking care of the gift means that one values the relationship she has with the giver. As jewelers would always say, pearl bracelets embody inner beauty and elegance.

Pearl Bracelets-Buy Wisely

Monday, July 13th, 2009

When it comes to buying jewellery, you should practice great caution and meticulous choosing.  Pearl bracelets are some of the most beautiful and elegant jewellery pieces in existence and you can either find the best or end up with a mediocre bunch that do not have the exquisiteness that real pearls do. 

When choosing pearl bracelets, you have to consider the type of pearls that you prefer and how each type would look on you.  For simple pieces, you can opt for freshwater pearl bracelets that are significantly more affordable than others.  However, if you are looking for something classier, you might want to consider Tahitian black pearls instead.  Tahitian pearls are far more expensive than freshwater pearls because of its rarity and overall appearance, the former is a lot smoother and more lustrous than the latter.

There is a wide array of pearl bracelets available so you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing which ones you really want.  All really depends on your taste as well as your budget.  If you are considering making an investment out of pearl bracelets you might as well buy those that are pricier and more valuable.  The value of pearls does not diminish unless their overall appearance has been seriously compromised, that is, if they were scratched or chipped somehow. 

Pearl bracelets can either be cheap buys or really large purchases, wither way you have to make sure that you can get your money’s worth.  Some people would prefer going to an actual store in order to look at the pieces themselves while others favour online shopping.  If you do the latter, make sure you make your purchase at reputable stores.