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Improve your Beauty by Wish Pearl

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

The wish pearl is a pearl in an oyster with endless possibilities.  Improve your beauty by wish pearl, Mother Nature lies within your fingertips.  The power of nature and natural beauty plays a big part in the process of pearl cultivation and farming.   The pearls growth is easier said than done. The pearl is found within the oyster is of no coincidence.  A small irritant finds its way inside an oyster.

The oyster at first tries to reject this irritant and get rid of it as quickly as possible.  Sometimes the irritant is so deep inside the oyster; it has no choice but to coat it with nacre.  The nacre helps protect the oyster so that it may live for many more years.  Once time has passed, soon the irritant turns into a pearl with shape and beauty.  The wish pearl can be any size or color.  It is a gift of aloha from the islands to your doorstep.   Ultimately the wish pearl is a pearl, which has grown from the water and is now in your possession.   The pearl in  oyster is a great gift for one who loves surprises and adorns the beauty of the wish pearl within.

Wish Pearl in Style

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Wish pearls” are very popular. Our customers enjoy opening the oyster’s shell to find a perfect pearl with brilliant colors and amazing luster. There are two types of mollusks with three types of pearls.

The freshwater mollusk produces a round and oval shaped pearl and the third type of pearl comes from the second type of mollusk or the saltwater oyster. These pearls are perfectly round.

Once the wish pearl is taken from the body of the oyster, three design choices of pendants are available to display your new pearl. Plated in white gold, these popular designs of a sea turtle, plumeria flower and sea star display the pearl very nicely. These lovely self assembled pearl pendants are pleasurable to wear.

Each mollusk holds a colorful surprise within its shell. The wish pearl container is easy to open and comes with a color chart that tells what each pearl color means.

The wish pearl kit also has a cell phone strap of the same three designs for holding your pearl. These make excellent gifts and party favors. You can order as many as you like. See our web site for more information.