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Get Noticed By Beautiful Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Tahitian Pearls are some of the rarest and most special pearls that any woman could own. These pearls first gained popularity in the Pacific Islands because of their unique colors and size. Though these pearls were originally grown in Tahiti, many other countries are starting to farm them as well, adding to the popularity these pearls have gained. The oyster Tahitian pearls are grown in, is known as the Black-Lipped oyster.

This oyster shell has a nacre of many different shades, which creates distinct colors in pearls. Tahitian pearls can range in colors from turquoise to dark blue and silver to black. One other feature that sets Tahitian pearls apart from others is the size they come in. These pearls start growing at sizes of 7 millimeters and reach staggering sizes of 17, 18, and 19 millimeters. Tahitian pearls can be complemented by yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and many other precious metals because the colors are so diverse, which make designing with these pearls easy to do. Tahitian pearl necklaces are the perfect accessory to add to any collection.

The specific colors these pearls come in compliment every skin tone and match every color of textile. The best thing about pearls is that they can be worn daily with a casual look but can also be dressed up and worn at night. If you love to get noticed, just adorn yourself with a perfect Tahitian pearl necklace. At Aloha Pearls, we have various colors, shapes, and sizes of Tahitian pearls. The owner travels to the islands of Tahiti several times a year to personally select the Tahitian pearls we sell at our store, so our customers know they are getting the very best.

At, you will find the pearls of your dreams and be comforted in knowing you are getting the best deal around.

Exotic Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Everyone has seen your basic, white, freshwater pearls, however have not see exquisite Tahitian pearls up close, Tahitian pearls are one of the most rare types of pearl in the world. One of the reasons for this is because Tahitian pearls are no smaller than 8mm and can reach sizes of up to a staggering 18mm. Another aspect that makes these pearls so special is the type of mollusk they are grown in. The shell of this oyster is referred to as black lipped, because the edge of the shell is black.

This unique strip allows this mollusk to produce dark pearls with hints of colors like red, lavender, peacock, and silver, just to name a few. Pistachio and Chocolate Tahitian pearls are also a newly produced and very popular color in pearls currently.  If you like to make a statement with your accessories, then a Tahitian pearl necklace is the answer for you. Choose from multiple color strands, or variegating sized pearls.  For a more classic approach, chose a strand of 8mm peals in a peacock color. Step outside the traditional pearl box, and purchase some of the finest Tahitian pearl strands in Hawaii at  We have the finest selection around.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace Enhances Your Look

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

The Tahitian pearl necklace is the most beautiful piece of jewelry a woman could ever own.  This type of pearl is not just an ordinary piece or some average pearl strand found in a store.  The pearl strand has the natural black body color of the black lip oyster found in the exotic atolls of Tahiti.  Tahitian pearl necklace enhances your look with natural beauty and divinity.  The pearl that comes from the black lip oyster can be round, teardrop, oval, or baroque shaped.  With these shapes in mind, there are so many possibilities of what kind of shape your strand of pearls could be.  The most typical and popular strand is the round Tahitian pearl in a dark black shade.

This look of pearls is simple and elegant.  Some of the rare Tahitian pearl necklaces are the strands with peacock colors.  Peacock colors are the vibrant pistachios, pink, blues, and purple colors, which embody the bold black pearl.  These pearls are so rare that the price nearly doubles or triples when buying a peacock strand.  The gem of all strands is the pistachio Tahitian necklace.  Once laid gently around a ladies neck the black color is visible, but when the sunlight touches the pearls, green colors reflect and show the colors of Mother Nature at its best.

Intensify your beauty by Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The black pearl is the island pearl of the Pacific.  The locals hold the Tahitian pearl dear to themselves because it is both a huge part of their customs and their biggest national product.  The world of the black pearl starts from an atoll on the small islands of Tahiti. Then the pearls are brought to Hawaii for both locals and tourist.  These pearls are mounted and designed into amazing pendants and necklaces.   The beauty of the bold black Tahitian pearl represents both culture and love.  It is hard to find a pearl with so much history and loveliness as the Tahitian pearl.  The chance and opportunity to wear a Tahitian Pearl Necklace should be taken.  For the appearance of your self will be enhanced once the pearls lay upon your neck.  Natural sunlight hits the pearl and reflects wondrous peacock colors toward the naked eye.  These colors that hide within the black pearl can be pink, pistachio, blue, or even chocolate.  Once the color is chosen there are many choices of shape and size within the pearl necklace.  The most popular are circular pearls and teardrop shape.  The elegance of the Tahitian Pearl Necklace with always be yours for life, with an eternity of memories.

Women Love Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Tahitian pearl earrings are the ultimate in jewelry accessories.  From the smallest Tahitian stud earrings to the largest and most elaborate earrings, women from all walks of life love these Tahitian jewels.  There are unlimited varieties of Tahitian pearl earrings to choose from.  For the lady who prefers simple and elegant we have some highly lustrous peacock stud earrings set in 14k gold studs and are 7.0mm in size.  Generally Tahitian pearl are fairly large, however, these small starry jewels are in good taste.  Many of our larger Tahitian pearl earrings are set in exquisite settings embellished in diamonds.  Rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are the metals that are fashioned into lovely tropical themes of paradise.

When one thinks of Tahitian pearls usually they think black or very dark colored pearls, but actually these pearls come in many subtle colors.  Red, blue, green and gray overtones mix with the original body color of the pearls and this makes a remarkable iridescent pearl color.

The shapes of these pearls are also remarkable.  Teardrops, baroque, circle, oval and round are some of the basic shapes of the Tahitian pearls.  These perfectly matched Tahitian pearl earrings are the quintessence of femininity.

Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Tahitian black pearl earrings are usually not worn on a wedding day, but are one of the most exciting types of pearls on the market for special occasions or everyday wear.  These lustrous pearls have some of the most metallic luster among any other type of pearl on the market.  Black Tahitian pearl earrings are most stunning when they have the strong peacock overtones that are most desirable of all overtones.   Pink and purple overtones are desirable as well but peacock is by far the most popular type of overtones available on all Tahitian pearls.

Matching black pearl earrings are very popular especially in Hawaii where black pearls are very popular.  18k white gold is very popular to match with black pearl earrings.  Diamond accents are also a very popular when creating black Tahitian pearl earrings as they help accent the pearls into a very popular and modern style of earring that most people find very pleasing to the eye.

Tahitian Black Pearls’ Beauty

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Can jewelry seduce? It certainly can, especially if the jewelry consists of the finest South Sea black pearls from Tahiti. For those who have only started to show an interest for black Tahitian pearls, there are ways to distinguish them. One is by looking at the size and shape. Generally, Tahitian black pearls range in size from nine to 12 millimeters. Those measuring beyond 12 millimeters have even greater value and rarity.
In terms of shape, the exotic black pearls may come in a perfect rounded sphere, semi-rounded, oval or pear-shaped, baroque/irregular, or with distinctive bands encircling the pearl. Quality is another distinguishable feature of Tahitian black pearls. As with other authentic pearls, they are generally lustrous and have that beautiful sparkle and light-reflective characteristic. Surface quality may come in various levels.
Adding to the allure of Tahitian black pearls is the color. The hues range from black or gray, with overtones of blue, silver, gold, grayish pink, or attractive shades of peacock green or rainbow hues. Black Tahitian pearls may be mixed with diamonds for a really scintillating look.