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Pearls in Oyster – Appealing Designs of Beauty

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

One of our most sought after products. These sets come with your very own pearl in an oyster as well as a setting for your pearl to go in. The wonderful aspect of this item is that you get to retrieve your Pearls in Oyster itself, and experience the miracle that is pearls.  The pearls come in round or semi-round, and the excitement continues, as you try to guess what color of pearl you might receive. There are four different color options labeled on the bottom of the box, that have a Hawaiian name, and a meaning.  These pearls will offer sentimental value and you tie the meaning in to your own life.  Many people pick a Pearls in Oyster and then do not know what to do with it because the settings are so expensive, that is why this product is so neat.  After you open the oyster to get your treasure, you can choose one of our four pendant designs to showcase your pearl.  Designs for our chains include a sea star, turtle, plumeria flower, and two dolphins that surround the pearl. Each of these pendants has a cage that encloses your pearl and keeps it close to your heart as you wear it each day.  Purchase this incredible set online at

The Splendor that Comes with Pearl in an Oyster Jewelry

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Pearls are such a unique gem and with so many different types of pearls the possibilities with pearl jewelry design are endless.  Pearls are the best giftthat any woman could be given and with freshwater pearls, the luxury of pearls is offered, without the high price tag.  One affordable, yet elegant item Aloha Pearls offers, are pearls in oyster.

There are four different color options within each oyster, and the symbolism of each color is displayed on the bottom of each box, to offer true meaning to the item.  Each oyster is guaranteed to have a 7 mm pearl inside and accompanying pendants with small cages that showcase the pearlcan be purchased, as well as cell phone straps that can be used to accessorize your mobile phone.

These necklaces are silver-plated and give a look of elegance, without the high price tag. The designs they come in are island inspired themes or dolphins, turtles, sea stars, and plumeriaflowers.  Each necklace is set up to beautifully display your pearl. At Aloha Pearls, we offer the best prices for pearls in all of Hawaii with the largest selection. Shop at to find the pearl of your dreams.

The Beauty of Pearls In Oysters

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Pearls in oysters are ancient gems that have been used to enhance the beauty of the human body or any object that can accommodate these sea jewels, since time immemorial.  These organic jewels have given pleasure to great Kings, Queens, spiritual icons, Gods and Demigods for thousands of years.

Although they start out as a speck or mote in the body of these mollusks, their beauty is unrivaled and everlasting.  Many people are fascinated by the idea of finding their own pearl within an oyster.  You can actually have that experience at “Aloha Pearls”. There are beautiful fresh water pearls directly from the oyster, dazzling like tiny suns.  We also have the highly lustrous akoya pearls that come from a saltwater oyster.

Whether they are salt water or freshwater pearls, they are all very beautiful and lustrous.  Pearls in oysters can be of various shapes other than round or near round, like teardrop or oval.  Some pearls come out of the oysters with irregular shapes and these different shapes inspire the designer to create complementary settings.  These irregular shaped pearls are called baroque and they hold a beauty of their own that is unique and exotic.  Although lumpy and uneven, these special pearls make interesting jewelry such as pendants and earrings.

Pearls In Oysters – As a Gift

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Throughout the Hawaiian Islands are pearl stands and jewelry shops that offer the customer a chance to pick their own pearl form the oyster. Most of the markets will drill and glue the pearl to an expensive setting right on the spot. Here at ‘Aloha Pearls’ we give the best prices for our pick a pearl and what is best about our pick a pearls is, we don’t drill or glue the pearl which reduces the value somewhat. Instead, we let you insert the pearl in a cage-like locket, so the pearl is suspended in the belly of a white-gold plated sea turtle, sea star or plumeria flower. The pearl is perfect and solid, as it is displayed in its setting. It is simple and easy; a child can do it, and they usually love to do it themselves.

These pearl in oysters come in a compact kit that makes wonderful gifts for any occasion and is always a sure winner. Oyster in a can and locket in a box is the kit that can be sold separately and also bulk quantities by the box for parties, gifts or just for the fun of it.

All the pearls that are found in these oysters are the best quality and colors that pleases the eyes. Black pearls of the freshwater and saltwater variety can be found in these mollusks and precious pastel colors of the sweet water variety. All of our lockets are Polynesian designs.

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