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The Luster and Feminine Elegance of Pearl Pendants

Friday, October 29th, 2010

We set beautiful pearls of all descriptions in our pendants. Usually a large pearl mounted on the design to give it a unique and splendid appearance. We carry a large selection of pearl pendants to satisfy any taste. Large freshwater lavender pearls (a pink pearl with blue overtones) are set in white gold, yellow gold or silver to create a look of elegance and beauty. Large teardrop shaped pearls of freshwater, Tahitian or golden south sea, encrusted with diamonds make gorgeous pearl pendants. These large pacific ocean gems are sophisticated and highly prized for their outstanding luster.

Contemporary designs such as twists, angel wings, butterfly designs, triangles, etc. are just a few of the many varieties of settings that we use. A trail of small diamonds set in a gold dangle chain holds a giant 16 mm south sea golden pearl that hangs like a pendulum, signifying wealth and prestige. Giant Tahitian chocolate pearls adorned with diamonds and rose-gold are very special for that special occasion.

Our collection of pearl pendants usually come with earrings and rings to match the pearl pendants. All of our pendants, are assembled here at “Aloha Pearls”.

Pearl Pendants in Style

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

With all the different styles of jewelry on the market pearl pendants are one of the most stylish types of jewelry out there. The styles are almost endless in the types of pearls that can be made into pendants. For Valentine’s day a stylish pearl pendant and matching pair of pearl earrings can be the perfect gift. Tahitian pearls mixed with white south sea pearls can make very attractive pendants or pearl necklaces.

A nice way to do it is to use a long drop shape of Tahitian pearl and mix in some diamonds. This can be one of the most attractive ways make a nice pendant. Another good idea is to use 14k. rose or pink gold with chocolate Tahitian pearls. This combination seems to make the best complimenting mix of metal and pearls. One way to makes this mix even better is to use Chocolate diamonds as well. This makes a beautiful combination that is hard to beat. We made a twisty style of pink gold with a single chocolate diamond and then placed a 9mm Tahitian pearl on it. It always gets a lot of attention at the trade shows.