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Purchase the Perfect Pearl Necklace

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Pearls are one of the most luxurious and sensible gems any woman could own. Pearls bring out the skins natural beauty and stand out on every skin tone. Another reason that pearls are so loved is because they are versatile. Pearls can be worn daily with casual wear or used to dress up an evening ensemble. One other feature of pearls is that are easy to maintain and literally last a lifetime, therefore can be passed down from generation to generation. With so many different types, colors, sizes and shapes of pearls, designing pearl jewelry is easy. Pearl necklaces and bracelets make the perfect pearl accessories that can be worn everyday.

At Aloha Pearls, we carry all types of pearls and modern as well as traditional jewelry designs. A graduating strand of peacock Tahitian pearls makes a stunning way to dress up any outfit. For something more classic, a white freshwater same-sized strand offers a traditional, elegant look that every woman will love.

Modern designs include our lasso style necklace, where a freshwater pearl dangles gently from the end. Another modern style is our Jade bead with white freshwater pearls. Tahitian bangle bracelets offer a modern look and will be sure to get noticed. 6 mm freshwater pearl bracelets are also a wonderful option. At Aloha Pearls, you will find the pearl necklace or bracelet that speaks to you.

Pearl Necklaces Gentle Appeal and Fine Shine Have Always Been Intriguing

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Pearl necklaces are one of the most sought after accessories when it comes to pearls. Pearls are easy to maintain, and last for a lifetime, another reason why they are so loved. Because such little care is required with pearl, they can easily be passed from generation to generation. The oils in your skin naturally lubricate pearls, keeping their luster strong and brilliant. Another reason people love pearl necklaces is because they offer and gentle, luxurious look, without being to flashy. Pearls can be worn daily, or brought out on special occasions. Necklaces are some of the most versatile accessories and can be worn with any outfit. Aloha Pearls offers a wide range of pearl necklace designs, from modern to classic.

Our strands are comprised of high quality pearls, in same-size order, or ascending, which offers a different look. The Elegant necklace provides an updated look by delicate drop pearls hanging on the end of an intricate silver tiara style design. Aloha Pearls also offers a sugi style necklace that looks as if the pearls are floating on your neck.

Combinations of beads like onyx, jade, carnelian, and other trinkets, make our designs unique and give the wearer and individual look. For outstanding pearl necklaces shop at to find the perfect pearl necklace for any woman in your life.

Women Love Pearl Necklaces to Adorn

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Adorn your neckline with a marvelous creation, a handmade strand of pearls, made into an elegant masterpiece. At Aloha Pearls, each necklace has been considered individually and each pearl that make up the necklace has been hand picked by one of our specialists to create a perfectly harmonious piece just for you. Our necklaces are strung on silk thread and individually knotted between each pearl to better secure your treasure and provide a higher quality pearl necklace that will last you a lifetime.

Pearls are very low maintenance and do not require a lot of care, except to be loved and worn by you due to the fact that they are organic gemstones and need oils to keep their luster alive. However, we do recommend each strand of pearls isre-strung every two to three years depending on how often they are worn. Due to the fact that pearls are so different from one another, it is easy to draw inspiration for designs from each individual pearl. These are so many colors, shapes, sizes, and types of pearls that we are sure we can provide or create a special necklace that will fulfill your desires. For the best quality and prices in pearls, shop online at

Pearls in Oyster-For Graceful Look!!

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Give someone a gift that keeps on giving, by presenting them with a pearl in an oyster. What set this pearl apart form any other is that its receiver will be able to retrieve the pearl from the very oyster it was grown in. Anticipation mounts, as the color of the pearl is revealed, and the symbolism of every pearl color option is discovered. These pearls can also be accompanied with a silver necklace or cellphone strap, which in cases this treasure in a small, easy to open cage attached to it. These pendants allow you to showcase your pearl, and make it almost impossible to lose your treasure. There are four different styles of pearl necklace to chose from, including a sea star, two dolphins, that hug your pearl, a turtle, and a dangling plumeria flower. Each pearl has a color code and the Hawaiian name, including the significance of each pearl. The wonderful thing about this product is that it is a piece which can be worn everyday, no matter what the occasion. These sets provide great friendship gifts, wonderful memories from your island adventures, and perfect birthday gifts. To get you set of a pearl in oyster and its accompanying pendant, just go to

Freshwater Pearl Necklace: The Perfect Gift to Your Marrying Daughter

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

We have many pearls of assorted hues, like black, dark green, yellow, orange, pink purple and white. Our beautiful lavender freshwater pearls with their blue overtones, are breathtaking. These prodigious pearls make the best strand necklaces. These freshwater pearl necklaces range from 10 mm to 12 mm in size.

Weddings and jewelry go hand in hand, therefore we have a large selection of beautiful necklaces that go well with wedding gowns. We carry many variations of station pearl necklaces. These are necklaces with cultured pearls positioned at regular intervals on cord with stones of the precious or semi precious variety. Some of our necklaces have diamond roundels at intervals that enhances the beauty of the pearls.

A strand of excellent white freshwater pearls is the ultimate in classic neckwear. These perfectly round and highly lustrous jewels come in many lengths. The choker, the princess and the matinee are the names of the different lengths, ranging from 16 to 22 inches. Within our assortment of lovely pearl necklaces is a floating pearl necklace that is made of tiny seed pearls attached to invisible sugi string that gives the illusion of floating or airborne pearls around the neck. these dazzling little orbs or perfect with a white or cream colored wedding dress for the daughter and wife to be.

Gifts for All Occasions

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

cultured-pearl-necklacesThere are many are occasions for presenting a lovely strand of pearls to you loved ones. Pearls are the best way to say “I appreciate you” or “I love you”.

Our cultured pearl necklaces are clean (flawless) and have a metallic sheen that makes them a valuable investment. When other gifts depreciate and loose their value, pearls, like diamonds, are just as beautiful and valuable as the day they were purchased. In fact, as time passes, pearls increase in value, because many pearl beds become depleted or polluted waters can destroy the oysters all together. Fewer places are left to culture pearls which makes these sea jewels rarer and more valuable.

So give her the gift that says “forever”. Rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and lockets are perfect gifts for those special occasions. Pearls are perfect for no special occasion as well. Anytime is a good time to present that someone special with a gift of Aloha! Just remind her how you feel about her. Our jewelry comes in lovely boxes that do not need extra wrapping, these boxes or decorative silk draw-string jewelry pouches compliment the gift of choice.

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Pearl Necklace for Wedding Day

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

If a diamond is woman’s best friend, a pearl necklace exudes a woman’s inner beauty. An elegant way to show the classy yet fashionable side of the bride while marching on the wedding isle is wearing a pearl necklace. In pictures, the effect would be timeless and even grandchildren will appreciate the classic style when they look back at the photos in the future.

There are various choices of pearl necklaces the bride can wear. The shapes of the beads are countless as they come in baroque, coin shapes, button shapes, pear shapes, oval shapes, and round. The sizes of the pearls can be chosen too from 4 mm to 11 mm. Each pearl necklace can be customized from choker to dangling types. They come in different colors too from the lightest white to the deepest black. A good quality pearl necklace is naturally lustrous in appearance and solid to the touch.

A pearl necklace is also perfect for any occasion and any dress. A bride can just take away her wedding gown and don on a cocktail dress for the reception while retaining the pearl necklace on her neck. A pearl necklace might look expensive enough but the reality is that there are good quality but inexpensive jewelry sets in the market. Pearl jewelry with common color tints usually are the most affordable sets.

Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most affordable pearl sets but if the buyer is willing to spend on high quality pearl beads, saltwater akoya pearl beads are recommended. A pearl necklace with akoya beads are top class in luster and nacre size.

Single Pearl Necklaces

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Pearls are some of the most exquisite gems in the world and they make very fine pieces of jewellery whether they come in strings or singles. Pearl necklaces for instance are well sought after by a lot of jewel enthusiasts because they exhibit class and beauty in their purest forms, not to mention its capability to accentuate even the simplest dresses for women.

Single pearl necklaces are almost always part of every woman’s jewellery box and they can be worn for almost all kinds of occasions. Not only do they look very elegant on any woman’s neck but they are never ostentatious like any other precious gem. Pearl necklaces come in different styles and chains such as white gold, yellow gold, and silver.

When it comes to choosing what kind of pearl necklaces suit you, there are a lot of choices that range from the pearl color, size and formation (natural or cultured). If you are contemplating to buy yourself a necklace with a coloured pearl, you may want to choose a less prominent chain so the pearl can be well appreciated. Black pearl necklaces these days are very popular and more and more people prefer them now than other colours because of its rarity and understated elegance.

There is so many possibilities that you can explore with pearls and you can never be in want for their beauty. You can even make your own single pearl necklace provided you have the proper materials needed for it. Make sure that you do not damage the pearl in the process especially the natural ones as they are extremely sensitive and are easily scratched or scraped.