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Eye Catching Pearl Pendants are lovely pieces of Jewelry

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

If you are looking for a gift that truly says something, then a pearl pendent is the answer for you.. Our store has the largest selection of freshwater pearl pendants in all of Hawaii. Pearl pendants are the perfect gift for any woman in your life because they are so versatile and the possibilities of many different designs is simple. The great thing about pearls is that they can either be dressed up or down. This can occur more easily with a pendant than an entire strand of pearls, which often gives a very formal look. Chose a simple lasso style pearl necklace with a single pearl dangling at the end of a silver chain, for the more reserved woman. also choose the option of a double drop or triple drop necklace. Or dive in and explore our more detailed pieces of gold and diamonds for the woman who likes a little more attention. At Aloha Pearls, we have the finest selection of pendants that will suite a woman of any personality or style. Shop at and find the perfect pearl pendent. Our store carries designs you will not find anywhere else. For quality and great customer services, remember Aloha Pearls for all you pearl needs.

Drop Pearl Earrings

Monday, January 11th, 2010

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearls can be the versatile sidekick. Pearls can look dainty or elegant, depending on their style. Most pearls cast an inner glow in any kind of light, adding to a woman’s enigma and beauty. Natural colored drop pearl earrings, in particular, can look alluring on working girls or party going ladies. For formal occasions, pearls also make a statement. A pretty lady wearing drop pearl earrings set with diamonds and yellow gold can be a vision. With short & sleek or upswept hair, diamond drop earrings with pearls can be a perfect way to frame a face.

Besides diamonds, other materials pearls can go great with is sterling silver. White or cream drop freshwater pearls dangling from a smooth finished sterling silver tilted heart-shaped earrings or cubic zirconia long gray drop earrings with sterling silver can be beautiful gifts for your mom, aunt, or best female friend. The simplicity and versatility of drop style pearl earrings which can nicely accentuate many outfits make them must-have jewelry accessories of the modern woman.

Glorious Pearl Earrings

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Every woman wears earrings and it’s not farfetched to say that many of them, even once in their lives, would have loved to have owned a pair of authentic pearl earrings. Owning a pair of earrings made of authentic pearls can be a very rewarding as it creates a sense of elegance and class in the wearer.

One might be hesitant though about pearl earrings because one might be thinking that it’s white and round and might not suit one’s style. But there is nothing to fear because there are a lot of different styles one can choose from now.

Freshwater pearls offer different styles as they are very lustrous and round and can come in different colors. One can mix and match by buying pairs of earrings of different colors. It’s quite unconventional, but it can work if done properly and it can make the wearer look very fabulous as well as hip and stylish.

One can also go with black Tahitian pearls. With this kind of pearl as an earring, one would look really elegant and classy. One can wear them to classy events and special occasion matching it with one’s classy outfits.

There are also sizes one can choose from. One can go for large round earrings or medium sized to small round pearl earrings. One can chose which size would fit the style one wants to pull off. One can also opt to use pearl earrings that dangle. With the pearl dangling one can sport a different look.

Priceless Pearl Earrings

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I am one of those who see pearls as an essential piece in a jewelry box.  Pearls are so versatile it can be worn with elegant dresses and business attires.  Any color of pearl would go well with my skin tone.   When I wear my pearl earrings, people can help but notice the elegant and radiant glow that it gives.

Since the loose pearls became more visible in the market as the culturing became eminent, the availability of finding the perfect pearl earring is a lot easier.  

Pearl earrings are simple but elegant.  The basic pear stud earring is a must-have for every woman.  There are also pearl earrings where the pearl dangles. Others have the drop pearl design.  Make it more exquisite and have the pearls sit on a rim of small diamonds.  Since pearls come in different shapes and colors, the designs for pearl earrings are also innumerable. 

 Aside from using pearl earrings as accessories, they also work best as a gift to that special woman in your life.  Gone are the connotations that pearls symbolize tears.  Pearls are now the ultimate symbol of elegance, timelessness and beauty.  Pearl earrings are now an option as gifts for occasions such as birthdays, graduation, Valentine’s Day and mother’s day. 

Add a different kind of glow in your look by putting on a pair of pearl earrings.  Elegance can be achieved easily with just two, shiny, round embellishments hanging in your ear.  Pearl earrings are priceless not just because of its monetary value but also because of the beauty that it can give.