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The Beauty of Freshwater Loose Pearls

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Everyone loves pearls, because of the distinctive beauty that each pearl offers it’s wearer, due to the size, shape, color, and luster every individual pearl has. Many people, think that high quality pearls are unaffordable and hard to come by. However, this is not the case at Aloha Pearls. Our company prides itself on being able to find the pearl of every woman’s dreams, due to the variety and different types of pearls we have.

Since many people are suffering from economic distress right now, many women have begun to make their own jewelry rather than by it, or have started to sell it to make a little extra income. If you are one of those people, then our loose pearls are essential for you. You can choose from thousands of freshwater pearls to give your creations a unique flair. The beauty of loose pearls is that you can pick the exact color, size, and shape of pearl that you want.

One benefit of choosing loose pearls is the individuality of each person and each pearl. With loose pearls, one can find the exact pearl they are looking for. Find two pearls that match, and make a beautiful pair of earrings to go on one of our fine settings. Or find your perfect pearl to make a magnificent necklace or ring. You can even make an entire set, for a very affordable price. Another aspect of using freshwater pearl  jewelry is that these pearls provide a natural glint of color for the wearer, without being over the top.

How to Choose Freshwater Loose Pearls

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

There are so many wonderful types of freshwater loose pearls to choose from here at ‘Aloha Pearls’. How does one choose from so many varieties, and how does one know what shape and size to purchase? These questions are easily answered. One only has to know what type of jewelry or purpose the pearls will be used for. If you want to make earrings, or a bracelet, perhaps a beautiful pendant or broche, you will have to have a design in mind. Will it be a teardrop pendant or a cluster pendant? A bracelet made of uniform pearls will require sorting out nearly identical pearls of the same body color, shape and size. Once you know what your loose pearls will be used for and how they will look as jewelry, then you are ready to sort through our large collection of loose freshwater pearls.

We have: golden freshwater loose pearls 11.0 mm to 12.0 mm, blue drop freshwater pearls 7.0 mm to 14.0 mm, we also have free form pearls or one-of-a-kind pearls that make unique pendants and rings. The buyer can purchase many colors in freshwater pearls such as: black, white, pink and lavender. All of our freshwater loose pearls are available for purchase at wholesale.

Glam Lifestyle with pearls

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

When choosing a pearl, loose pearls can be the best way to hunt for your pearl.  Freshwater loose  pearls give you the choice of choosing the pearl and live the glam lifestyle associated with pearls.  With freshwater loose pearls you can choose exactly what type of pearl you are looking among many different colors, shapes and luster of pearls. 

These pearls do not have to be round and can range from drop shape to baroque shape in size and luster.  Drop shape freshwater pearls can look quite elegant when made into a pair of earrings in 14k. gold or sterling silver.  Also, freshwater pearls can be made into beautiful necklaces or into other designs that require loose pearls.  Living the glam life can be done quite easily when mixing diamonds, gold and pearls into your jewelry and can only enhance your look.  Also, lavender and peach colored freshwater pearls can look so nice that you may make them your favorite type of pearl on the market as many have done.

Wholesale Loose Pearls

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Who can say no to pearls?  Pearls exude a beauty that is so enchanting; no person can resist not having them.  Though they are not as valuable as diamonds, pearls are still indispensable in the jewelry industry.  No jewelry box will be complete without a piece that has a pearl in it.

 The earlier days where the pearl industry is still small, pearls are harvested in freshwater and saltwater bodies.  Pearl hunters use a variety of methods to harvest mussels and oysters that produce these lovely gems.  As the industry boomed, the amount of pearls harvested decreased.  Such decrease made the value of pearls higher.  Upon discovery that pearls can be cultured, the production once again increased; its prices stabilized.  Loose pearls became more available in the market.   However, some pearls which cannot be cultured still remained expensive.

 The culturing of pearls became popular and loose pearls can be sold at a cheap price.  It is available at a low price on areas where pearls are cultured.  The availability of pearls in the market also became less of a problem as the production of loose pearls is not that difficult anymore. 

 The availability of loose pearls made it possible for everyone to appreciate the beauty and glow that these creations offer.  Pearls are made into beautiful pieces of jewelry, elegant adornment in clothes and even effective powder as medicine.  There are many ways where loose pearls can be used.  Producing and purchasing them is no longer a problem thanks to culturing.