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Thaitian Multicolor Pearl Necklaces of Superior Quality

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Aloha Pearls has one of the largest selections of pearls in Hawaii. They carry Freshwater, saltwater, Akoya and South Sea but our crown jewels are our Tahitian pearls. Tahitian pearls are unlike any other pearls and the first time you see one, you will know why.

One of the characteristics that set Tahitian pearls apart from the others is where they are grow. Tahitian pearls originally were farmed in French Polynesia and gained popularity in the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. These pearls are still only grown in a couple parts of the world and their charm has spread worldwide. Tahiitian pearls are popular among both island men and woman. The main reason these pearls are so loved, is the beautiful colors they come in. Though Tahitian pearls are considered “Black” pearls, their tones spread vastly across the color wheel. Perhaps the most popular color for these pearls is the peacock color because it is so different from anything ever seen. Tahitian pearls have also come in purple, silver, blue, gray, green and many colors in between. Although Tahitian pearls may appear to be one color upon first glance, overlying tones can easily make them seem an entirely different color the next time they are seen. These pearls also take on the tones of clothing that they are worn with.

Another great thing about Tahitian pearls is the sizes they come in . These pearls are larger than all but one type of pearl. Sizes for these pearls range from 8 mm to about 17mm. However, there are exceptions to this and smaller, Keshi pearls can also be found as well as the occasional 20mm pearl.

At Akoya Pearls , the quality of Tahitian pearls will astound you. Vibrant Tahitian strands in every color stroke our shelves gracefully, catching the light and creating luminous colors. For the largest selection and most affordable prices choose for the most luxurious Tahitian strands.

Wholesale Freshwater Pearls

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Freshwater pearls are some of the most affordable pearls in the world because they can be mass -produced.  Many people like the idea of pearls, but are often thrown off by the prices of pearl.  For this reason, Freshwater pearls have always been loved due to the fact that they are such a large resource and can be found for affordable prices. By offering loss freshwater pearls, you allow your customer to pick out the exact pearl they want.

Having loose pearls also gives the customer options, which is what many look for when purchasing jewelry. Having loose setting for rings, earrings, and pendants let customers chose a piece that stands out to them, allowing them to create special meaning for their pearl.  Clients can also customize their pearl to whichever style they prefer and which pearl looks best on their skin tone. Some woman prefer white or yellow gold, while other prefer not to spend as much money on the setting and getting silver, while having an extraordinary pearl.

At Aloha Pearls, we have a large selection of wholesale Freshwater pearls, ranging in all different sizes. Our pearls are wonderful quality, and also offer designers a lot of options when making jewelry. Our prices and merchandise can’t be beat, so shop

Pearl Jewelry is Hot in the Market Now days

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Pearls have always been a favorite item among women but with the advances in pearl technology and farming today, there is always a new phenomenon in pearls. Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearl because they can be mass produced, therefore they are most well-know, however customers are begging to show interest in many different types of pearl jewelry. Tahitian pearl, though popular in the Pacific islands, are growing great popularity. Tahitian pearls have a high luster and come in a large variety of colors, making them a hot commodity. New technologies in Tahitian pearl farming have begun to yield small oblong pearls known as Keshi Tahitian pearls that have been getting a lot of hype currently. Many also love the interesting shapes that are being produced among freshwater pearls. One of the most interesting shapes of freshwater pearls are coin pearls. When these pearls are nucleated, a round flat object is placed inside the oyster instead of a round one, making a disk0like shape. Another great shape of freshwater pearls is the fire ball shape, which look like giant iridescent comets shooting through space. With all the difference in pearls, one can easily see why the market for them is growing.

Demand for Freshwater Pearls always on the Rise

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Freshwater pearls are one of the most common pearls to come across because they can be produced in mass amounts and take less time to form than a saltwater pearls. The demand for freshwater pearls has, and will always be very high.  Freshwater pearls are the essence of what pearls truly are, as they have always been around and are the symbol of classic beauty. Freshwater pearls have the thickest nacre, due to the fact that most of it is pearl, as opposed to other oyster that are seeded with an irritant to produce a pearl.True elegance in pearl jewelry remains in the quality of pearl used for each design.

When looking for quality pearls, it is important to keep in mind the shape of the pearl, luster and surface quality. Due to the fact that freshwater pearls are in such high demand, stores often by them wholesale, so they can offer each of their customers the pearl of their dreams. At Aloha Pearls, we provide very affordable wholesale prices on freshwater pearls, and pride ourselves on the quality each of our pearls possesses.  Stop in at our store location on Oahu, Hawaii, or   shop at our website,

Pearl Necklaces Add grandeur to the Beauty of a Woman

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Pearls are the most incredible and diverse gems in the world, the inspiration for pearl jewelry design is easily found with so many different types of pearls to chose from. Not only can saltwater pearls be used butso can freshwater pearls.  With each variety of pearls, there are different colors of pearls. For example, freshwater pearls generally come in white, pink, and lavender. Saltwater akoyapearls are white when they come out of the oyster however can be treated to come black or even emerald color.  Tahitian pearls cone from a special mollusk with a black edge that produce dark pearls with tints of colors like purple, red, green, silver, and peacock.  The most spectacular pearls are South Sea pearls. This type of pearl comes in a light, gold, yellow color, in a creamy white color, or light silver color.
At Aloha Pearls, we understand the individual beauty of each pearl. We have worked to create masterpiece pearl necklaces that incooperate island themessuch as tropical flowers, turtles, dolphins, and other beautiful designs. Our necklaces are made with everything from silver to gold, and our strands are strung on silk thread, knotted between each pearl, which will ensure the pearls will not be lost should the strand break.  Aloha Pearls have strands of 7mm.  and up. We also have pearl necklaces with variegating sizes of pearls, to offer our wearer a unique look. Shop at to browse our selection of pearl jewelry.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most common and easily obtainable pearl in the world. Every girl and lady should have a freshwater pearl necklace. Whether it be for a Christmas gift, birthday present, valentines gift, or a thank you present the gift of pearls is remembered and last a life time. No one ever hears of grandmother and daughter selling their precious pearls their loved one gave to them. Nor do pearls ever need much maintenance or cleaning. Freshwater necklaces are perfect because they go with anything, and they are loved till the end.

With almost every color in the world to choose from, there are hundreds of reasons to love and adore your pearls. Imagine walking into a Hawaiian local store and looking through the strands of pink, lavender, cream, black, blue, golden, and red pearls. Each pearl may appeal to your eyes. The strands can be one of the same size or you may have it be graduated. Little girls love cream 8mm size pearls, while teens may enjoy mix-matching colors of pearls to bring a more fashionable approach to school and friends.

At Aloha we offer almost any desired size of pearl to be customized and designed at your own personal hotel or in our shop. Strands of fresh water pearl necklaces are all drilled and knotted here on the island of Oahu.

Different Variety of Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

White circular pearl earrings are usually quite common and lovely, but we have a different variety of freshwater pearl earrings. They consists of baroque, coin, stick, cross-shaped, keshi, and flake-pear earrings. All of these pearls are freshwater and with a little imagination these odd shaped pearls can be outstanding.

Clusters of small odd-shaped pearls made into earrings that dangle from the ear can be very artistic and beautiful. Tiny elongated rice pearls strung in a small cluster for each ear is a captivating design. Multicolored seed pearls mixed with crystals also make a fancy pair of earrings. An extravagant pair of earrings of a different variety is the keshi pearl earrings that hang from a fine golden chain with tiny black diamonds trailing down to the oddly shaped keshi pearl. When in motion these breathtaking earrings sparkle like the moon.

Heart shapes, diamond shapes, crosses, triangles, buttons, bars, navettes and teardrops are some of the fancy-shapes of our freshwater earrings. A pearl technician inserts beads with these shapes into the mussel’s mantle tissue to create these wonderful shapes of freshwater pearls. These are definitely different from your conventional pearl earrings.

Black Freshwater Pearls

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

If there’s a gem that has a permanent place in a world of timeless glamour, it will be the pearl.  Pearls are the irregularly shaped to round beads that form from the secretions of mollusks.  This happens as a reaction of the mollusk when a foreign particle enters it.  The foreign particle is coated by the secretion over and over.  Once it hardens, a pearl is formed.  Pearls are shiny formations that come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the kind of mollusk that formed it.

Generally, there are two kinds of pearls based on the way they are formed.  It can be a freshwater pearl or it can be the saltwater pearl.  Freshwater pearls are those formed by mollusks (specifically mussels) that thrive in freshwater.  On the other hand, saltwater pearls are formed by oysters found in saltwater.

Freshwater pearls, as mentioned earlier, are produced by freshwater mussels.  Specifically put, the mussels that produce the freshwater pearls belong to the family Uniondae.  These kinds of mussels are found in bodies of freshwater such as ponds, lakes and rivers.  Freshwater pearls are mostly made in China as culturing it is a common practice. 

Today, the culturing of freshwater pearls made the availability of pearls in the market higher. However, the situation is not the same with black freshwater pearls.  Black pearls are harder to culture due to the sensitivity of the mollusk that creates it.  Though the culturing of black pearls is not impossible, it is still difficult.