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Thaitian Multicolor Pearl Necklaces of Superior Quality

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Aloha Pearls has one of the largest selections of pearls in Hawaii. They carry Freshwater, saltwater, Akoya and South Sea but our crown jewels are our Tahitian pearls. Tahitian pearls are unlike any other pearls and the first time you see one, you will know why.

One of the characteristics that set Tahitian pearls apart from the others is where they are grow. Tahitian pearls originally were farmed in French Polynesia and gained popularity in the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. These pearls are still only grown in a couple parts of the world and their charm has spread worldwide. Tahiitian pearls are popular among both island men and woman. The main reason these pearls are so loved, is the beautiful colors they come in. Though Tahitian pearls are considered “Black” pearls, their tones spread vastly across the color wheel. Perhaps the most popular color for these pearls is the peacock color because it is so different from anything ever seen. Tahitian pearls have also come in purple, silver, blue, gray, green and many colors in between. Although Tahitian pearls may appear to be one color upon first glance, overlying tones can easily make them seem an entirely different color the next time they are seen. These pearls also take on the tones of clothing that they are worn with.

Another great thing about Tahitian pearls is the sizes they come in . These pearls are larger than all but one type of pearl. Sizes for these pearls range from 8 mm to about 17mm. However, there are exceptions to this and smaller, Keshi pearls can also be found as well as the occasional 20mm pearl.

At Akoya Pearls , the quality of Tahitian pearls will astound you. Vibrant Tahitian strands in every color stroke our shelves gracefully, catching the light and creating luminous colors. For the largest selection and most affordable prices choose for the most luxurious Tahitian strands.

How to Choose Freshwater Loose Pearls

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

There are so many wonderful types of freshwater loose pearls to choose from here at ‘Aloha Pearls’. How does one choose from so many varieties, and how does one know what shape and size to purchase? These questions are easily answered. One only has to know what type of jewelry or purpose the pearls will be used for. If you want to make earrings, or a bracelet, perhaps a beautiful pendant or broche, you will have to have a design in mind. Will it be a teardrop pendant or a cluster pendant? A bracelet made of uniform pearls will require sorting out nearly identical pearls of the same body color, shape and size. Once you know what your loose pearls will be used for and how they will look as jewelry, then you are ready to sort through our large collection of loose freshwater pearls.

We have: golden freshwater loose pearls 11.0 mm to 12.0 mm, blue drop freshwater pearls 7.0 mm to 14.0 mm, we also have free form pearls or one-of-a-kind pearls that make unique pendants and rings. The buyer can purchase many colors in freshwater pearls such as: black, white, pink and lavender. All of our freshwater loose pearls are available for purchase at wholesale.