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Cultured Pearl Earrings For Elegant Wedding

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Cultured pearl earrings for that special wedding day are very important to the bride to be.  Elegance and perfection is what she will be looking for.  Here at Aloha Pearls the choices are very good.  Outstanding South Sea pearl earrings could be a perfect selection.  Lovely golden pearl earrings set in yellow gold with rectangular diamonds that surrounds the 12.0mm pearls could be a lady’s choice.  These golden orbs will complement any wedding gown and veil.  As she walks down the isle a flash of effulgence from the artistically crafted diamonds melts the hearts of the on lookers.  True elegance in its full form as she makes her way to the altar.

Perhaps the bride to be would like a more contemporary look such as a rich lustrous chocolate Tahitian pair of cultured pearl earrings.  There are different types to choose from depending on the desired mood.  The modern, chocolate Tahitian pearls make breathtaking jewelry.  These golden brown Tahitian jewels are gaining popularity worldwide and take on an exquisite look when set in rose gold with diamonds.

Don’t forget are traditional white akoya pearl earrings, these classic pearls have timeless appeal and their purity is very befitting a lovely bride.

Glam Lifestyle with Pearls

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Glamour and pearls go hand in hand. When we think of glamorous, we think of beautiful ladies of celebrity status, women like Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy or American actress Grace Kelly. In fact, all first ladies show off their assortment of pearl jewelry.

Ancient ladies like Cleopatra were quite fond of pearls. Great queens and kings always adorned themselves with pearls of the highest quality. Fashion models of the world runways wear pearls to compliment the latest designs in women’s wear. All fashion magazines advertise pearls and pearl accessories to enhance the sophistication of the fashion designers look.

Fashion magazines like “Vanity Fair” or “Vogue”. Actually, vogue magazine featured some of our products in one of their issues. These high-fashion magazines help raise awareness of cultured pearls among the readers: mostly younger, affluent, fashion-conscious women. Today women are wearing cultured pearls more than ever before. It is common to see ladies of all lifestyles wearing akoya pearl necklaces or akoya earrings to accent their attire.

Royalty today often value fine cultured pearls above all other gemstones. With today’s advanced culturing process, pearls are becoming more stunning than ever. Male royals and nobility have worn pearls for centuries. Long ago, a famous king in India named Maharaja Rana, who had such a great love for pearls that he became known as the “Prince of Pearls”.

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