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Pearl Necklaces Gentle Appeal and Fine Shine Have Always Been Intriguing

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Pearl necklaces are one of the most sought after accessories when it comes to pearls. Pearls are easy to maintain, and last for a lifetime, another reason why they are so loved. Because such little care is required with pearl, they can easily be passed from generation to generation. The oils in your skin naturally lubricate pearls, keeping their luster strong and brilliant. Another reason people love pearl necklaces is because they offer and gentle, luxurious look, without being to flashy. Pearls can be worn daily, or brought out on special occasions. Necklaces are some of the most versatile accessories and can be worn with any outfit. Aloha Pearls offers a wide range of pearl necklace designs, from modern to classic.

Our strands are comprised of high quality pearls, in same-size order, or ascending, which offers a different look. The Elegant necklace provides an updated look by delicate drop pearls hanging on the end of an intricate silver tiara style design. Aloha Pearls also offers a sugi style necklace that looks as if the pearls are floating on your neck.

Combinations of beads like onyx, jade, carnelian, and other trinkets, make our designs unique and give the wearer and individual look. For outstanding pearl necklaces shop at to find the perfect pearl necklace for any woman in your life.

Tahitian Pearls are Very Elegant Jewelry Materials

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Shopping for pearls can be overwhelming because there are so many different types, colors, and varieties of pearls, not to mention pearl jewelry styles to choose from. But knowing a little background about pearls can be a good guide when deciding what to buy. Some of the most rare and beautiful pearls are the Tahitian pearls. These pearls are classified as “black” pearls, however they come in various shades of colors ranging from rose tones, to gray, silver, turquoise and peacock. The shell these pearls comes from, make these pearls have some of the highest luster in the world, making them a popular item among our customers. Due to the fact that there are so many different shades of Tahitian pearls, the possibilities when designing pearl jewelry and endless and this type of pearl makes very elegant jewelry. The rarity and quality these pearls possess, is sure to be noticed in any piece of jewelry.

At aloha Pearls, we make shopping for pearls as simple as taking a breath. Our website is easily accessible and we provide outstanding customer service to give you the stress free shopping experience you deserve. Aloha Pearls has the largest selection of Tahitian pearls in all of Hawaii and you are sure to find the perfect pearl.

Oyster With Pearl- Pearls with Oyster

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Pearl jewelry are some of the best gifts anyone can receive. They are beautiful gems that come from nature and are so versatile; anyone can get away with wearing them daily. If you are looking for something that really speaks to you, Aloha Pearls has the answer for you, our pearls with oysters. You have your choice of a freshwater or saltwater pearl, in a round or semi-round shape, that you can actually retrieve from the oyster yourself. Each of these pearls has a different meaning, which appears on the box and can be paired with a silver necklace that encases the pearl perfectly, giving you a safe spot for your pearl. Any woman or girl would love to get one of these sets because of the meaningfulness they provide.

Not only is the color of the pearl a surprise, but also you can select one of four b=necklace designs to help you show off your pearl. Aloha Pearls carries a turtle, two dolphins wrapped around the pearl, a plumeria flower, and a sea star. To get the greatest gift any woman or girl could be given, shop at www.alohapearls. com. At Aloha Pearls, we specialize in one of a kind items.

A Pearl Necklace is a Classic Piece of Jewelry

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Pearls are the perfect jewels for any woman. Pearl necklaces are the best way to accessorize any outfit. Both modern and classic styles of pearl necklaces are offered at Aloha Pearls. Pearls are a great purchase because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can be worn daily. Pearls are the finest gems you can buy, due to the fact that each pearl is so different from the next. Pearls come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and types. Freshwater pearls are the most well-know type of pearl because they can be mass-produced and are generally more affordable. Next come saltwater pearls, also known as Akoya pearls, which are known for their seamlessly round shape.

After this, are Tahitian pearls which considered “black, are actually various colors ranging form purple, to roe, to turquoise, to peacock. The most rare pearl is the South Sea pearl. This pearl is rare because it is not produced in many places and because the colors it comes in are very unique. Since pearls are such a wide resource, jewelry designers can easily design pearl jewelry that speaks to everyone. Shop online at to find the most divine in pearl jewelry and pearl necklaces on the island of Oahu.

Freshwater Pearl Earrings-Add Glamour With Pearl Jewelry

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Pearls are some of the most amazing gems found in nature because they are each so different. Types of pearls include: freshwater, saltwater, Tahitian, and South Sea. Each pearl comes in a different shape, and size, and each on is has it’s own unique characteristics, such as luster and surface quality. Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearl because each oyster can produce so many at one time. Due to the fact that they are such a large resource, freshwater pearls are generally the most affordable types of pearl, however this does not take away form their beauty or quality. Freshwater pearl earrings are the easiest and most affordable ways, when it comes to pearls, to accessorize any outfit.

Pearls are also great because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the event. For a classic look, a pair of 8mm white or pink pearls is a good option. If you like the idea of pearls but feel they might look dated, our website has the answer. Our earring designs vary from classic to modern designs. Some of our designs include, sterling silver drop pearl earrings, a chain with a tear-drop shape pearl delicately placed on the bottom. Aloha Pearls also carries sugi earrings, several freshwater pearls in various colors, strung on fishing line, so they look as though they are scattered or floating. Whatever your style, Aloha Pearls has the perfect earrings for you and for any occasion.