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Chose a Pearl Bracelet to Complement a Wedding Look

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearl due to that fact that there can be up to twenty-five pearls in an oyster, each time it is harvested. Because they are such a large resource, Freshwater pearls are very affordable. Though the process is low, this does not take away form the elegance and beauty of the pearl. Freshwater pearl bracelets make a great accessory for completing any bridal look. They add just a touch of sophistication and class, without over powering a bride on her special day. At Aloha Pearls, we carry several freshwater pearl bracelet designs. Choose a strand of solid white pearls, which will wrap beautifully around your wrist as you hold your grooms hand. Or for a modern look, choose a bracelet of pearls paired with spacers made of precious metals and crystals to give some sheen to your wedding dress, without taking to much away from it. No matter what your dress style, a freshwater bracelet will complement it a classic, special way. Browse our website to find the perfect accessory for your wedding day, we are sure to have anything you can dream of for your special day and if we don’t, we will help you find or design it.

Add a Touch of Class with Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

An elegant pair of freshwater pearl earrings will add a touch of class to any look. These pearls are affordable, with out compromising their beauty, quality, and sophistication. These will a great addition or compliment to any outfit, according to the occasion. They can dress up any look but can also be worn daily with casual ensemble. Freshwater pearls are the most common pearl on the market due to the variety of size, color and shapes but mostly for the availability and affordability. Each freshwater oyster can produce around twenty-five pearls each harvesting time. The art of culturing pearls has been perfected over time and yields amazing little treasures form nature. Freshwater pearl earrings have been one of the most poplar pieces of jewelry handed down from generation to generation. This proves that their beauty can be timeless.

At Aloha Pearls, our group of expertise and jewelers combine their skills to create elegance and class in our pearl jewelry designs. Visit our website online at to discover a magnificent treasure just waiting for you. Give pearl earrings as a gift to say you care, or buy some for yourself and pass them down to your grandchildren. Shop at our store we guarantee you will find something that speaks to you.

Now Days Cultured Pearl Necklaces give a First-Class Outlook on Life

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Cultured pearl necklaces bring a classy look to anyone who wears them. Because there are so many different types, sizes, shapes, and colors of pearls, pearls offer a different look for each woman who wears them. . Pearls are the best option for jewelry accessories because they can be dressed up or down depending on an outfit or an occasion.. Pearls are a great example of what a little human interaction with nature can create. The process of how a pearl forms is indeed amazing, and it produces something so astonishing. Each pearl is different in its own way and Cultured pearl necklaces are affordable and exquisite looking without such a large price tag. Cultured pearl necklaces can change anyone’s outlook and attitude as they are worn. Dressing well, or wearing the right accessory gives women the confidence they need to have a positive outlook on their day.

At Aloha Pearls, we carry various types of cultured pearls that will allow any woman to have sureness of who they are an how good they looks. Shop online at At our store, we pledge to satisfy the customer, and help you find the perfect cultured pearl necklace to showcase your beauty.

Women Love Pearl Necklaces to Adorn

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Adorn your neckline with a marvelous creation, a handmade strand of pearls, made into an elegant masterpiece. At Aloha Pearls, each necklace has been considered individually and each pearl that make up the necklace has been hand picked by one of our specialists to create a perfectly harmonious piece just for you. Our necklaces are strung on silk thread and individually knotted between each pearl to better secure your treasure and provide a higher quality pearl necklace that will last you a lifetime.

Pearls are very low maintenance and do not require a lot of care, except to be loved and worn by you due to the fact that they are organic gemstones and need oils to keep their luster alive. However, we do recommend each strand of pearls isre-strung every two to three years depending on how often they are worn. Due to the fact that pearls are so different from one another, it is easy to draw inspiration for designs from each individual pearl. These are so many colors, shapes, sizes, and types of pearls that we are sure we can provide or create a special necklace that will fulfill your desires. For the best quality and prices in pearls, shop online at