The Splendor that Comes with Pearl in an Oyster Jewelry

Pearls are such a unique gem and with so many different types of pearls the possibilities with pearl jewelry design are endless.  Pearls are the best giftthat any woman could be given and with freshwater pearls, the luxury of pearls is offered, without the high price tag.  One affordable, yet elegant item Aloha Pearls offers, are pearls in oyster.

There are four different color options within each oyster, and the symbolism of each color is displayed on the bottom of each box, to offer true meaning to the item.  Each oyster is guaranteed to have a 7 mm pearl inside and accompanying pendants with small cages that showcase the pearlcan be purchased, as well as cell phone straps that can be used to accessorize your mobile phone.

These necklaces are silver-plated and give a look of elegance, without the high price tag. The designs they come in are island inspired themes or dolphins, turtles, sea stars, and plumeriaflowers.  Each necklace is set up to beautifully display your pearl. At Aloha Pearls, we offer the best prices for pearls in all of Hawaii with the largest selection. Shop at to find the pearl of your dreams.

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