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Improve your Beauty by Wish Pearl

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

The wish pearl is a pearl in an oyster with endless possibilities.  Improve your beauty by wish pearl, Mother Nature lies within your fingertips.  The power of nature and natural beauty plays a big part in the process of pearl cultivation and farming.   The pearls growth is easier said than done. The pearl is found within the oyster is of no coincidence.  A small irritant finds its way inside an oyster.

The oyster at first tries to reject this irritant and get rid of it as quickly as possible.  Sometimes the irritant is so deep inside the oyster; it has no choice but to coat it with nacre.  The nacre helps protect the oyster so that it may live for many more years.  Once time has passed, soon the irritant turns into a pearl with shape and beauty.  The wish pearl can be any size or color.  It is a gift of aloha from the islands to your doorstep.   Ultimately the wish pearl is a pearl, which has grown from the water and is now in your possession.   The pearl in  oyster is a great gift for one who loves surprises and adorns the beauty of the wish pearl within.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most common and easily obtainable pearl in the world. Every girl and lady should have a freshwater pearl necklace. Whether it be for a Christmas gift, birthday present, valentines gift, or a thank you present the gift of pearls is remembered and last a life time. No one ever hears of grandmother and daughter selling their precious pearls their loved one gave to them. Nor do pearls ever need much maintenance or cleaning. Freshwater necklaces are perfect because they go with anything, and they are loved till the end.

With almost every color in the world to choose from, there are hundreds of reasons to love and adore your pearls. Imagine walking into a Hawaiian local store and looking through the strands of pink, lavender, cream, black, blue, golden, and red pearls. Each pearl may appeal to your eyes. The strands can be one of the same size or you may have it be graduated. Little girls love cream 8mm size pearls, while teens may enjoy mix-matching colors of pearls to bring a more fashionable approach to school and friends.

At Aloha we offer almost any desired size of pearl to be customized and designed at your own personal hotel or in our shop. Strands of fresh water pearl necklaces are all drilled and knotted here on the island of Oahu.