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Tahitian Pearl Necklace Enhances Your Look

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

The Tahitian pearl necklace is the most beautiful piece of jewelry a woman could ever own.  This type of pearl is not just an ordinary piece or some average pearl strand found in a store.  The pearl strand has the natural black body color of the black lip oyster found in the exotic atolls of Tahiti.  Tahitian pearl necklace enhances your look with natural beauty and divinity.  The pearl that comes from the black lip oyster can be round, teardrop, oval, or baroque shaped.  With these shapes in mind, there are so many possibilities of what kind of shape your strand of pearls could be.  The most typical and popular strand is the round Tahitian pearl in a dark black shade.

This look of pearls is simple and elegant.  Some of the rare Tahitian pearl necklaces are the strands with peacock colors.  Peacock colors are the vibrant pistachios, pink, blues, and purple colors, which embody the bold black pearl.  These pearls are so rare that the price nearly doubles or triples when buying a peacock strand.  The gem of all strands is the pistachio Tahitian necklace.  Once laid gently around a ladies neck the black color is visible, but when the sunlight touches the pearls, green colors reflect and show the colors of Mother Nature at its best.

Women Love Cultured Pearl Earrings

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Earrings are what make a woman and inspire greatness within a woman.  Ladies are able to feel comfortable by wearing their favorite pair of cultured pearl earrings.  Whether it be small studs or larger teardrop shape pearls, the style is ultimately up to you.  Most pearls in the world are all cultured pearl.  Cultured pearls are produced when a human implants a nucleus within an oyster.   Once the nucleus is implanted, the oyster coats the irritant (nucleus) over a period of up to 3 to 5 years.

When the oyster is ready to be opened, one or more pearls are revealed which are essentially farmed, sorted, and then matched.  Once matched, the pearls are set on beautiful settings for earrings.  One of the most popular settings for our cultured peal earrings would be the 14k plumeria flower on a round cultured pearl.  Most setting for the pearl is 14k gold.  But for a lower price, using sterling silver as a substitute is also a great idea for the budget conscientious. Once a lady has the opportunity to wear the earrings, excitement and happiness will come her way as she goes about her day.  Shop at Aloha to see all the fun and wonderful cultured pearl earrings.

Intensify your beauty by Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Friday, March 11th, 2011

The black pearl is the island pearl of the Pacific.  The locals hold the Tahitian pearl dear to themselves because it is both a huge part of their customs and their biggest national product.  The world of the black pearl starts from an atoll on the small islands of Tahiti. Then the pearls are brought to Hawaii for both locals and tourist.  These pearls are mounted and designed into amazing pendants and necklaces.   The beauty of the bold black Tahitian pearl represents both culture and love.  It is hard to find a pearl with so much history and loveliness as the Tahitian pearl.  The chance and opportunity to wear a Tahitian Pearl Necklace should be taken.  For the appearance of your self will be enhanced once the pearls lay upon your neck.  Natural sunlight hits the pearl and reflects wondrous peacock colors toward the naked eye.  These colors that hide within the black pearl can be pink, pistachio, blue, or even chocolate.  Once the color is chosen there are many choices of shape and size within the pearl necklace.  The most popular are circular pearls and teardrop shape.  The elegance of the Tahitian Pearl Necklace with always be yours for life, with an eternity of memories.