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Women Love Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Tahitian pearl earrings are the ultimate in jewelry accessories.  From the smallest Tahitian stud earrings to the largest and most elaborate earrings, women from all walks of life love these Tahitian jewels.  There are unlimited varieties of Tahitian pearl earrings to choose from.  For the lady who prefers simple and elegant we have some highly lustrous peacock stud earrings set in 14k gold studs and are 7.0mm in size.  Generally Tahitian pearl are fairly large, however, these small starry jewels are in good taste.  Many of our larger Tahitian pearl earrings are set in exquisite settings embellished in diamonds.  Rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are the metals that are fashioned into lovely tropical themes of paradise.

When one thinks of Tahitian pearls usually they think black or very dark colored pearls, but actually these pearls come in many subtle colors.  Red, blue, green and gray overtones mix with the original body color of the pearls and this makes a remarkable iridescent pearl color.

The shapes of these pearls are also remarkable.  Teardrops, baroque, circle, oval and round are some of the basic shapes of the Tahitian pearls.  These perfectly matched Tahitian pearl earrings are the quintessence of femininity.

The Beauty of Pearls In Oysters

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Pearls in oysters are ancient gems that have been used to enhance the beauty of the human body or any object that can accommodate these sea jewels, since time immemorial.  These organic jewels have given pleasure to great Kings, Queens, spiritual icons, Gods and Demigods for thousands of years.

Although they start out as a speck or mote in the body of these mollusks, their beauty is unrivaled and everlasting.  Many people are fascinated by the idea of finding their own pearl within an oyster.  You can actually have that experience at “Aloha Pearls”. There are beautiful fresh water pearls directly from the oyster, dazzling like tiny suns.  We also have the highly lustrous akoya pearls that come from a saltwater oyster.

Whether they are salt water or freshwater pearls, they are all very beautiful and lustrous.  Pearls in oysters can be of various shapes other than round or near round, like teardrop or oval.  Some pearls come out of the oysters with irregular shapes and these different shapes inspire the designer to create complementary settings.  These irregular shaped pearls are called baroque and they hold a beauty of their own that is unique and exotic.  Although lumpy and uneven, these special pearls make interesting jewelry such as pendants and earrings.

Shopping for Elegant and Affordable Pearl Jewelry

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Aloha Pearls is well known for its high quality merchandise and affordability.  Our jewelry is truly elegant and affordable for all types of shoppers.  Our pearls are set in exquisite pendants that are crafted to reflect the moods of the Hawaiian Islands.  Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants are all beautifully made in order to attract and enchant the consumers.

Pearl jewelry that embodies the Island mystiques is what we are about.  Pearls of the South Seas as well as Asia are the world’s leading exotic oceanic gems.  Asia is a leading producer of freshwater pearls that comes in colors of pink, lavender, peach and white.  These are the general colors of freshwater pearls.  The customer can choose from a variety of freshwater pendants with earrings to match, all for less than thirty dollars. Single drop pearls on a lasso chain of sterling silver or plated white gold are quite elegant and affordable.  We also have double and triple drop pearl pendants of various colors that add that look of sophistication.  Earrings of tropical designs come in all shapes, colors and sizes to match any bracelet, necklace or pendant.

Our South sea pearls have a wider color range such as: blue-black, green, olive, gray, silver, emerald, golden and white.  These gems are more valuable because of their rarity.  Highly lustrous Tahitian black pearls are set in affordable settings of sterling silver and adorned with cubic zirconium crystals.  Earrings, pendants and rings of various motifs of the Islands are all high value and low price.  Beautiful and rare colors of Tahitian pearls such as pistachio and chocolate makes this a very special deal.