Truly An Elegant Piece Of Beauty – Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are among the top choices for women when it comes to pearl jewelry. All of our bracelets are made from the best pearls. Freshwater and akoya sea pearls are the main types of pearls that we use for bracelets.

Freshwater pearl bracelets come in shapes other than near round. Baroque or circle pearl makes breathtaking bracelets. We have coin pearl with crystals set in gold plated roundels. We also make custom bracelets to fit any size wrist. The clasps are made of solid gold and we carry all types such as the Japanese clasps, toggles and tiny ball clasps. A stunning blueberry freshwater pearl bracelet of matching size and shape pearls, some bracelets of this color have clear crystal at intervals to give that rich look of sophistication.

Akoya pearl bracelets are the best. These akoya pearls make the best strand necklaces and bracelets because of their characteristic uniformity in roundness and size. Lovely golden bracelets or pearly white 7.5-inch bracelets with 7.5 mm pearls are truly classical. The akoya blueberry or black pearl is just simply fantastic with or without crystals these dazzling gems can hold their own. Cream colored akoya pearls or white will accent any outfit and give any women satisfaction.


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