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The Luster and Feminine Elegance of Pearl Pendants

Friday, October 29th, 2010

We set beautiful pearls of all descriptions in our pendants. Usually a large pearl mounted on the design to give it a unique and splendid appearance. We carry a large selection of pearl pendants to satisfy any taste. Large freshwater lavender pearls (a pink pearl with blue overtones) are set in white gold, yellow gold or silver to create a look of elegance and beauty. Large teardrop shaped pearls of freshwater, Tahitian or golden south sea, encrusted with diamonds make gorgeous pearl pendants. These large pacific ocean gems are sophisticated and highly prized for their outstanding luster.

Contemporary designs such as twists, angel wings, butterfly designs, triangles, etc. are just a few of the many varieties of settings that we use. A trail of small diamonds set in a gold dangle chain holds a giant 16 mm south sea golden pearl that hangs like a pendulum, signifying wealth and prestige. Giant Tahitian chocolate pearls adorned with diamonds and rose-gold are very special for that special occasion.

Our collection of pearl pendants usually come with earrings and rings to match the pearl pendants. All of our pendants, are assembled here at “Aloha Pearls”.

Pearls In Oysters – As a Gift

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Throughout the Hawaiian Islands are pearl stands and jewelry shops that offer the customer a chance to pick their own pearl form the oyster. Most of the markets will drill and glue the pearl to an expensive setting right on the spot. Here at ‘Aloha Pearls’ we give the best prices for our pick a pearl and what is best about our pick a pearls is, we don’t drill or glue the pearl which reduces the value somewhat. Instead, we let you insert the pearl in a cage-like locket, so the pearl is suspended in the belly of a white-gold plated sea turtle, sea star or plumeria flower. The pearl is perfect and solid, as it is displayed in its setting. It is simple and easy; a child can do it, and they usually love to do it themselves.

These pearl in oysters come in a compact kit that makes wonderful gifts for any occasion and is always a sure winner. Oyster in a can and locket in a box is the kit that can be sold separately and also bulk quantities by the box for parties, gifts or just for the fun of it.

All the pearls that are found in these oysters are the best quality and colors that pleases the eyes. Black pearls of the freshwater and saltwater variety can be found in these mollusks and precious pastel colors of the sweet water variety. All of our lockets are Polynesian designs.

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