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Pearl Rings – An Exquisite Choice

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Freshwater, saltwater, Tahitian and South Sea are the main types of pearls that we carry. Pearl rings are made from all of the these types of pearl. All of our rings would be exquisite choices, because they are carefully sorted for flaws and luster which are the main features one looks for in making that choice.

Whether you are looking for large pearl rings or not, we are sure you will be satisfied with the choices we have. Starting with freshwater pearls averaging 7 mm in size, these affordable gems are set in a plated white-gold contemporary settings and are encrusted with fine crystals. Colors of lavender, white, pink, orange, gray, black, brown, yellow and golden, to name a few, are set in fine silver or gold.

Tahitian black pearls are a favorite here in Polynesia, so we carry a great variety of rings design with Polynesian symbols, such as sea creatures and tropical flowers. The Tahitian black pearl is a pacific exotic pearl with colors like: peacock, aubergine, pistachio, avocado and chocolate. Set in 14 k gold these pearls are usually large in size. About 9.5 mm to 10 mm size pearls are set in our rings and a small diamond is embedded in the ring to give it that extra spark of splendor.

Finally, our king of pearls, the golden South Sea pearls which are some of the largest pearls to be found. Pinctada Maxima is the name of these golden sea gems. Set in yellow gold with diamonds, these pearl rings are unmistakably opulent.

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How to Choose Freshwater Loose Pearls

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

There are so many wonderful types of freshwater loose pearls to choose from here at ‘Aloha Pearls’. How does one choose from so many varieties, and how does one know what shape and size to purchase? These questions are easily answered. One only has to know what type of jewelry or purpose the pearls will be used for. If you want to make earrings, or a bracelet, perhaps a beautiful pendant or broche, you will have to have a design in mind. Will it be a teardrop pendant or a cluster pendant? A bracelet made of uniform pearls will require sorting out nearly identical pearls of the same body color, shape and size. Once you know what your loose pearls will be used for and how they will look as jewelry, then you are ready to sort through our large collection of loose freshwater pearls.

We have: golden freshwater loose pearls 11.0 mm to 12.0 mm, blue drop freshwater pearls 7.0 mm to 14.0 mm, we also have free form pearls or one-of-a-kind pearls that make unique pendants and rings. The buyer can purchase many colors in freshwater pearls such as: black, white, pink and lavender. All of our freshwater loose pearls are available for purchase at wholesale.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace: The Perfect Gift to Your Marrying Daughter

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

We have many pearls of assorted hues, like black, dark green, yellow, orange, pink purple and white. Our beautiful lavender freshwater pearls with their blue overtones, are breathtaking. These prodigious pearls make the best strand necklaces. These freshwater pearl necklaces range from 10 mm to 12 mm in size.

Weddings and jewelry go hand in hand, therefore we have a large selection of beautiful necklaces that go well with wedding gowns. We carry many variations of station pearl necklaces. These are necklaces with cultured pearls positioned at regular intervals on cord with stones of the precious or semi precious variety. Some of our necklaces have diamond roundels at intervals that enhances the beauty of the pearls.

A strand of excellent white freshwater pearls is the ultimate in classic neckwear. These perfectly round and highly lustrous jewels come in many lengths. The choker, the princess and the matinee are the names of the different lengths, ranging from 16 to 22 inches. Within our assortment of lovely pearl necklaces is a floating pearl necklace that is made of tiny seed pearls attached to invisible sugi string that gives the illusion of floating or airborne pearls around the neck. these dazzling little orbs or perfect with a white or cream colored wedding dress for the daughter and wife to be.