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Different Variety of Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

White circular pearl earrings are usually quite common and lovely, but we have a different variety of freshwater pearl earrings. They consists of baroque, coin, stick, cross-shaped, keshi, and flake-pear earrings. All of these pearls are freshwater and with a little imagination these odd shaped pearls can be outstanding.

Clusters of small odd-shaped pearls made into earrings that dangle from the ear can be very artistic and beautiful. Tiny elongated rice pearls strung in a small cluster for each ear is a captivating design. Multicolored seed pearls mixed with crystals also make a fancy pair of earrings. An extravagant pair of earrings of a different variety is the keshi pearl earrings that hang from a fine golden chain with tiny black diamonds trailing down to the oddly shaped keshi pearl. When in motion these breathtaking earrings sparkle like the moon.

Heart shapes, diamond shapes, crosses, triangles, buttons, bars, navettes and teardrops are some of the fancy-shapes of our freshwater earrings. A pearl technician inserts beads with these shapes into the mussel’s mantle tissue to create these wonderful shapes of freshwater pearls. These are definitely different from your conventional pearl earrings.

Akoya pearl Necklace For all Occasions

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

white-akoya-pearl-necklaceAkoya pearls are the classic pearls throughout the globe. Round to near round are the common shapes of these pearls. These are the original cultured pearls. Today, many strands of necklaces as well as bracelets are made of these types of pearls. They are ideal for drilling and matching because of their hardness and uniformity in color and shape.

Graduated strands of akoya pearls are especially beautiful to behold. Akoya torsades are multi-strands of pearls that are twisted and clamped together with various clasps according the number of strands of each necklace. Our akoya necklaces come in colors of yellow, gold, white, cream and black. Within the black akoya pearls are variations of subtle colors like the Tahitian pearl. Some of these dark pearls are a blueberry tone, some are peacock green and emerald. A beautiful pale yellow akoya necklace strung with graduated pearl is very classic. Even the rare silvery blue pearl can be found in the akoya oysters. These dark purple jewels are truly stunning as necklaces.

Akoya pearl necklace come in many different length to suit our customers needs. Most of our akoya necklaces come with matching bracelets and earrings. These pearls come in sized 7.5 mm to as large as 10.0 mm. Large or small, dark or light, these classical akoya pearls have maintained their position as number one in the market place throughout the world.