For Women – Pearl Rings

Rings have long been a part of human adornments. Men as well as women have always cherished these bands. Engagement rings, wedding rings, going steady rings, high school rings, fraternity rings, etc., the list goes on and on. Our list of different types of rings seem to go on and on as well. Let us start with our most economical rings that are made of freshwater pearls. These rings are made of white gold plated palladium or cooper alloys.

Pink, orange, yellow, white, blue-black, and lavender are some of the colors of our freshwater pearls that we offer.

Designs galore, such as dolphins, flowers of Hawaii, crystallized butterfly rings, half moon and even double pearl rings are available for the purchasing.

Akoya rings set in 14 K gold are very elegantly set in golden heart-shaped settings and lit with real diamonds.

There are large selections of sterling silver Tahitian pearl rings that light up a room. Rhodium coated silver is a tarnish retardant, which is appropriate for coastal or island dwellers, due to the salty air in these locales.

A must see, is our high end, large Tahitian and golden south sea pearl rings in highly polished white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Swirls and claws hold these top grade pearls securly to the bands.

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