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Pearl Pendant

Monday, May 31st, 2010

pearl pendantsPendants are usually gold or silver with diamonds or semi precious stones set in various designed lockets. At “Aloha Pearls” we set beautiful pearls in our pendants. Usually a large pearl mounted on the design to give it a unique and splendid appearance. We carry a large selection of pearl pendants to satisfy any taste.

Large freshwater lavender pearls (a pink pearl with blue overtones) are set in white gold, yellow gold or silver. This eye-catching combo is truly a vision. We have large teardrop shaped pearls of freshwater, Tahitian or golden south sea, encrusted with diamonds. These gems are sophisticated and highly prized for their outstanding luster.

Contemporary designs such as twists, angel wings, butterfly designs, triangles, etc. are just a few. A trail of small diamonds set in a gold dangle chain holds a giant 16 mm south sea golden pearl that hangs like a pendulum, signifying wealth and prestige.

Come and see our collection of pearl pendants, many of them have earrings and rings to match. Enquire about our chains that are sold separately. These chains of high quality with strong links and are made of various types of gold that comes in different lengths.

Wish Pearl in Style

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Wish pearls” are very popular. Our customers enjoy opening the oyster’s shell to find a perfect pearl with brilliant colors and amazing luster. There are two types of mollusks with three types of pearls.

The freshwater mollusk produces a round and oval shaped pearl and the third type of pearl comes from the second type of mollusk or the saltwater oyster. These pearls are perfectly round.

Once the wish pearl is taken from the body of the oyster, three design choices of pendants are available to display your new pearl. Plated in white gold, these popular designs of a sea turtle, plumeria flower and sea star display the pearl very nicely. These lovely self assembled pearl pendants are pleasurable to wear.

Each mollusk holds a colorful surprise within its shell. The wish pearl container is easy to open and comes with a color chart that tells what each pearl color means.

The wish pearl kit also has a cell phone strap of the same three designs for holding your pearl. These make excellent gifts and party favors. You can order as many as you like. See our web site for more information.