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Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Tahitian black pearl earrings are usually not worn on a wedding day, but are one of the most exciting types of pearls on the market for special occasions or everyday wear.  These lustrous pearls have some of the most metallic luster among any other type of pearl on the market.  Black Tahitian pearl earrings are most stunning when they have the strong peacock overtones that are most desirable of all overtones.   Pink and purple overtones are desirable as well but peacock is by far the most popular type of overtones available on all Tahitian pearls.

Matching black pearl earrings are very popular especially in Hawaii where black pearls are very popular.  18k white gold is very popular to match with black pearl earrings.  Diamond accents are also a very popular when creating black Tahitian pearl earrings as they help accent the pearls into a very popular and modern style of earring that most people find very pleasing to the eye.

Glam Lifestyle with pearls

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

When choosing a pearl, loose pearls can be the best way to hunt for your pearl.  Freshwater loose  pearls give you the choice of choosing the pearl and live the glam lifestyle associated with pearls.  With freshwater loose pearls you can choose exactly what type of pearl you are looking among many different colors, shapes and luster of pearls. 

These pearls do not have to be round and can range from drop shape to baroque shape in size and luster.  Drop shape freshwater pearls can look quite elegant when made into a pair of earrings in 14k. gold or sterling silver.  Also, freshwater pearls can be made into beautiful necklaces or into other designs that require loose pearls.  Living the glam life can be done quite easily when mixing diamonds, gold and pearls into your jewelry and can only enhance your look.  Also, lavender and peach colored freshwater pearls can look so nice that you may make them your favorite type of pearl on the market as many have done.