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Types of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Freshwater pearls may be the largest misunderstood type of pearl jewelry on the market today.  The reason being is that many people have the misconception that freshwater pearls are tiny little rice pearls of very little value.  While this may be true 20 years ago, in today’s market this is very far from the truth.  In today’s market there are beautiful strands of 10-12mm near round strand of freshwater pearls coming out of China’s pearl farms that look absolutely stunning.  We are talking about very near round strands with almost no blemishing what so ever and very high luster with intense lavender luster.

These type of pearls were impossible to predict 20 years ago out of China.  Now 10 to 12mm sounds huge but it would probably surprise people that even larger sizes of 14mm to 18mm freshwater pearls are available on the market today.  While they are still in very limited supply, these freshwater pearl necklace are on the market and get snatched up by true pearl connoisseurs worldwide.

Beautiful range of high quality Freshwater pearl

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Freshwater pearl earrings have to be one of the most popular style of pearl earrings we carry.  The attractive price point is an attractive for many because of the freshwater pearls used.  Some freshwater pearls can have very beautiful lavender and peach color tones.  These lavender freshwater pearl earrings are my all time favorite.  This type of high quality freshwater pearl earring is really special because of the natural lavender colors that occur in this type of pearl.  Freshwater pearl earrings look great in either studs or dangling earrings.  14k. gold or sterling silver will look very nice with this type of pearl earring.  Even long dangling 3 inch earrings can look nice when freshwater pearls are mixed in to the earrings.

Crystals and small diamond beads mixed with freshwater pearl can make a stunning presentation when creating freshwater pearls.  Also, a new trend is using chocolate freshwater or black freshwater pearls when making high quality freshwater pearl earrings.  Mixing 14k. pink gold with chocolate freshwater pearls looks very nice when making earrings or necklaces.  Drop shape or round shaped freshwater

Akoya Pearl Necklace

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Out of all the types of Akoya Pearl necklaces the soft pink overtones are by far the most popular on the market in the USA.  For some reason these light pink overtones are very popular for Americans where as light green overtones are more popular in Europe or in Asia for Akoya Pearls.  The most popular size is the 7-7.5mm or perhaps the 6.5-7mm size.  This size gives a large look without having to spend an obtuse amount of money.

These sizes are by far the best size for most people’s budgets for pearls while still maintaining a large size.  For those women that want the best for pearls a large 8 or 9mm graduate Akoya pearl necklace is hard to compare anything to.  These large sizes are primarily from Japan and have some of the most intense luster that most people have seen out of pearls.  But with this large size comes a price that is dramatically different from a 6.5-7mm pearl necklace of similar quality.  But such is everything in life.