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Pearl Bracelets

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

When looking at a new freshwater pearl bracelet on the market one must consider all the different types of styles there are available. A simple 7.5mm freshwater pearl bracelet is probably one of the most common types of pearl jewelry available. It comes in white, black or sometimes pink. The pink and the white are usually naturally colored, while the black is usually enhanced color.

Usually the pearls are hand knotted on silk and then finished off with a 14k. gold clasp in ball or fish hook style. Not that all pearl bracelet s need to be so conservative, because mixing in some 14k. gold diamond balls and pearls together can really spice it up quite nicely. Also, mixing in colored stones or rough cut diamonds with the pearls into the pearl bracelets can make the jewelry very attractive and appealing. A new trend that seems to be picking up lately is mixing in leather and stringing pearls on them. This may become more and more popular as time goes by.