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Tahitian Black Pearls’ Beauty

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Can jewelry seduce? It certainly can, especially if the jewelry consists of the finest South Sea black pearls from Tahiti. For those who have only started to show an interest for black Tahitian pearls, there are ways to distinguish them. One is by looking at the size and shape. Generally, Tahitian black pearls range in size from nine to 12 millimeters. Those measuring beyond 12 millimeters have even greater value and rarity.
In terms of shape, the exotic black pearls may come in a perfect rounded sphere, semi-rounded, oval or pear-shaped, baroque/irregular, or with distinctive bands encircling the pearl. Quality is another distinguishable feature of Tahitian black pearls. As with other authentic pearls, they are generally lustrous and have that beautiful sparkle and light-reflective characteristic. Surface quality may come in various levels.
Adding to the allure of Tahitian black pearls is the color. The hues range from black or gray, with overtones of blue, silver, gold, grayish pink, or attractive shades of peacock green or rainbow hues. Black Tahitian pearls may be mixed with diamonds for a really scintillating look.