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The Epitome of pearl bracelets

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

One accessory loved by women is bracelet. The adornment of the hand catches the visual imagery of elegance and style. It highlights the beauty of the wrists. Gypsies decorate their hands with bracelets in order to make their dances more graceful. Aside from adornment, bracelets can have various meanings. It can mean friendship, fight for a cause, or love. In this case, bracelets are not only fashion accessories but also symbols.

When it comes to classic elegance, pearl bracelets never go out of style. It will always be fashionable no matter what decade one chooses to wear it. The beauty of the pearls lies in its luster. A pearl that has the ability to reflect light is likely to be a high grade piece.

To preserve its luster, a user must make sure that the pearl bracelets suit perfectly well in her wrists. If the bracelet is too tight, it will easily break. Also, the friction of the skin and the pearl’s nacre will affect the bead’s shine. Wearer must put on the perfume first before using the bracelet. The strong chemicals found in the perfume can corrode the nacre and again affect the bead’s luster.

Pearl bracelets must be worn with utmost care. More than its monetary value, the symbolism that comes with it from the giver should be in the wearer’s mind. Taking care of the gift means that one values the relationship she has with the giver. As jewelers would always say, pearl bracelets embody inner beauty and elegance.

Perfect Wholesale Freshwater Pearls

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Pearls can be fascinating. Pearl strands can prettily adorn a woman’s neck or wrist, and also turn out to be a lucrative business. The perfect line of wholesale freshwater pearls has been key to the success of pearl jewelry distributors. It’s a business kept going by customers, mostly women of all ages, who appreciate the quiet grace, beauty and allure of pearls. Older customers are usually the ones able to afford authentic pearls. As far as teens are concerned, most just want pearl accessories without the expense, so cultured pearls suffice.

 The odds of a perfect natural pearl are actually one in a million. Natural pearls emanate from mussels growing in freshwater systems other than the ocean. The mollusks create an iridescent substance, nacre, when an irritant object enters its shell. The nacre will wrap around the object until it is all covered with nacre. The resulting gem is a pearl.

 There are sellers who get their pearls from an importer or traders selling faux pearls. In contrast, wholesale freshwater pearls sold by merchants with pearl farms behind them are usually relied on for the newest harvested pearls.