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Give Quality Gifts Like Freshwater Pearl Rings

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

 When you’re thinking of a special gift for a special woman, let them accessorize, with cool confidence, with freshwater pearl rings. Cultured rings with freshwater pearls are certainly the way to go.  A quick browse online will reveal several beautiful rings that dazzle and inspire.

 Choose from a stunning array of colors ranging from classic white to silver, gray, olive, champagne, peach, or copper and marvel how the pearl jewelry does not fade. Styles vary, too.  A genuine freshwater pearl with extraordinary luster and hue like elegant gray can come in an artistic sterling silver setting or stretched to fit. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to the styling of pearl rings. It’s not surprising many Hollywood stars accessorize with them.

 Rings and other jewelry pieces with freshwater pearls have been worn by women of distinction since ancient times.  Nowadays, pearls continue to attract attention.  There are quality rings and matching jewelry pieces encrusted with pearls with just the right luster, nacre, shape and finish. The added appeal is that with the advent of acceptable cultured pearls, nice-looking pearls have become affordable.

Pearl Necklace for Wedding Day

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

If a diamond is woman’s best friend, a pearl necklace exudes a woman’s inner beauty. An elegant way to show the classy yet fashionable side of the bride while marching on the wedding isle is wearing a pearl necklace. In pictures, the effect would be timeless and even grandchildren will appreciate the classic style when they look back at the photos in the future.

There are various choices of pearl necklaces the bride can wear. The shapes of the beads are countless as they come in baroque, coin shapes, button shapes, pear shapes, oval shapes, and round. The sizes of the pearls can be chosen too from 4 mm to 11 mm. Each pearl necklace can be customized from choker to dangling types. They come in different colors too from the lightest white to the deepest black. A good quality pearl necklace is naturally lustrous in appearance and solid to the touch.

A pearl necklace is also perfect for any occasion and any dress. A bride can just take away her wedding gown and don on a cocktail dress for the reception while retaining the pearl necklace on her neck. A pearl necklace might look expensive enough but the reality is that there are good quality but inexpensive jewelry sets in the market. Pearl jewelry with common color tints usually are the most affordable sets.

Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most affordable pearl sets but if the buyer is willing to spend on high quality pearl beads, saltwater akoya pearl beads are recommended. A pearl necklace with akoya beads are top class in luster and nacre size.