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Akoya pearls – Always Classic and in Fashion

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

When investing in jewelries, buying akoya pearls is the way to go. These high quality fashion accessories do not need extravagant additions to make them stand out. Even if it is worn alone in a simple dress, the effect will still be a stand out looker. Pearls are perfect for any clothing style: formal or casual. Wear a casual suit with akoya pearls and still look good. Wear party dresses with pearls and enjoy the rest of the night.

Unlike other jewelry, pearls come in various colors and sizes. These pearls are products of Pinctada fucata martensii oysters and are usually 6 to 10 mm in size. The bigger balls get the higher price. Akoya pearls are very valuable with their thick nacre and brilliant luster. They come in different colors that never go out of style. The prominent sources of these balls are Japan and China. Each ball takes time to achieve a quality façade. With its exceptional beauty, women prefer akoya pearls in their special dates.

According to jewelry enthusiasts, akoya pearls signify elegance and deep beauty. Each set of these jewelry are perfect for whatever cause: ring, pendant, bracelet, necklace, earring, anklet, or dress accessory. The value of these pearls never depreciates. As a matter of fact, even if the economy is suffering from deflation, these gems still hold the top price in the market. They are classy, fashionable, and economical. For best deals of akoya pearls in the market, it is best to contact an expert jeweler.

Priceless Pearl Earrings

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I am one of those who see pearls as an essential piece in a jewelry box.  Pearls are so versatile it can be worn with elegant dresses and business attires.  Any color of pearl would go well with my skin tone.   When I wear my pearl earrings, people can help but notice the elegant and radiant glow that it gives.

Since the loose pearls became more visible in the market as the culturing became eminent, the availability of finding the perfect pearl earring is a lot easier.  

Pearl earrings are simple but elegant.  The basic pear stud earring is a must-have for every woman.  There are also pearl earrings where the pearl dangles. Others have the drop pearl design.  Make it more exquisite and have the pearls sit on a rim of small diamonds.  Since pearls come in different shapes and colors, the designs for pearl earrings are also innumerable. 

 Aside from using pearl earrings as accessories, they also work best as a gift to that special woman in your life.  Gone are the connotations that pearls symbolize tears.  Pearls are now the ultimate symbol of elegance, timelessness and beauty.  Pearl earrings are now an option as gifts for occasions such as birthdays, graduation, Valentine’s Day and mother’s day. 

Add a different kind of glow in your look by putting on a pair of pearl earrings.  Elegance can be achieved easily with just two, shiny, round embellishments hanging in your ear.  Pearl earrings are priceless not just because of its monetary value but also because of the beauty that it can give.