Charming Pearl pendants As Gifts Of Your Love And Emotions/ Pearl Pendant, Pearl pendants

October 20th, 2012

Are you searching for a gift for your beautiful significant other? Today, gentlemen, I have the perfect gift that will make your wife, girlfriend, or someone you are trying to impress the luckiest women on the world. Pearl pendants seem to be the way to go now of days. Many people from the entire world have decided to go with this particular item. Today is the perfect time to go down to your local jeweler and pick out that special gift for your wife.

The emotions the recipient will feel cannot be described with words. Pearls have been a long standing symbol of love and affection. Any type of pearl jewelry will express how much your love is. Pearl pendants are a great gift because you can personally select a favorite pearl to become the centerpiece. This specific type of jewelry can be mixed and matched with so many creative and customized designs. Many women like their pearls to be studded with diamonds.

This allows the necklace to sparkle as the pearl sends a beacon of love and affection. It is also recommend checking out other pearl jewelry because there are so many great types! Tahitian pearls have become world famous for their amazing beauty. A Tahitian pearl could bring a sense of peace to your significant other. Then there will be peace among the land.

An Essential Addition To Your Vanity Box/ pearl Necklace

October 3rd, 2012

A pearl necklace will be a great addition to any girls Vanity box. Pearls will make any women feel amazing, and feel like they look like a million dollars. Pearls have always been apart of fashion, and women today are looking for that special something that all their friends will gossip about. Many times have women gone into a pearl jewelry store and never really have heard about pearls.

Pearl jewelry will be a great addition to any girl’s vanity box. Pearls last for a very long time, and are for the most part passed down generation to generation. It has been a long standing tradition in some countries for the parents to get a girl a pearl for every year of her birthday.

When the little girl turns into a beautiful lady at the age of twenty two to twenty three she will have enough pearls to make her own necklace! It will be a great piece to wear to all types of occasions. Necklaces are just one of the many great styles of pearl jewelry. Pearl earrings have become very popular, and give women that extra sizzle. Pearl bracelets really do compliment the necklace, and most the type a full set will make a girl feel like it’s her wedding day.

All over pop culture it is clearly seen how much pearls have played a role in shaping today’s world. Pearls will never treat you wrong nor forsake you!

Freshwater Pearl Bracelets/ Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

September 23rd, 2012

Freshwater pearl bracelets are an incredible way to look fabulous while still staying low key. It is a very fashionable statement when wearing a beautiful bracelet. Freshwater pearl come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. This makes the world of freshwater pearls so amazing, and will keep you entertained for days. Freshwater pearls true colors are white, and pink.

Freshwater pearls are also treated and can be any color of the rainbow. These types of pearls can go good with any occasion. If you are looking for a wacky costume and need some accessories freshwater pearls are the way to go. The bracelet will be a featured piece of your wardrobe, and will have everyone asking you where you go those. Freshwater pearls come mostly from China. China has the comparative advantage on freshwater pearls. However there are freshwater farms found in England.

There is even a Freshwater farm family ran in the Smokey mountains of Tennessee. Freshwater pearl bracelets are just one of the many exciting things you can muster up with freshwater pearls. Many people like to create their own design and are always looking to top their friends designs. Freshwater pearl necklaces are extremely popular and can be worn basically everywhere!

Freshwater pearl earrings will add to your beauty when just trying to look elegant. Freshwater pearl jewelry can be found all over the world, and the trend will continue for generations. In the end you cannot go wrong with freshwater pearls.

Thaitian Multicolor Pearl Necklaces of Superior Quality

July 8th, 2012

Aloha Pearls has one of the largest selections of pearls in Hawaii. They carry Freshwater, saltwater, Akoya and South Sea but our crown jewels are our Tahitian pearls. Tahitian pearls are unlike any other pearls and the first time you see one, you will know why.

One of the characteristics that set Tahitian pearls apart from the others is where they are grow. Tahitian pearls originally were farmed in French Polynesia and gained popularity in the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. These pearls are still only grown in a couple parts of the world and their charm has spread worldwide. Tahiitian pearls are popular among both island men and woman. The main reason these pearls are so loved, is the beautiful colors they come in. Though Tahitian pearls are considered “Black” pearls, their tones spread vastly across the color wheel. Perhaps the most popular color for these pearls is the peacock color because it is so different from anything ever seen. Tahitian pearls have also come in purple, silver, blue, gray, green and many colors in between. Although Tahitian pearls may appear to be one color upon first glance, overlying tones can easily make them seem an entirely different color the next time they are seen. These pearls also take on the tones of clothing that they are worn with.

Another great thing about Tahitian pearls is the sizes they come in . These pearls are larger than all but one type of pearl. Sizes for these pearls range from 8 mm to about 17mm. However, there are exceptions to this and smaller, Keshi pearls can also be found as well as the occasional 20mm pearl.

At Akoya Pearls , the quality of Tahitian pearls will astound you. Vibrant Tahitian strands in every color stroke our shelves gracefully, catching the light and creating luminous colors. For the largest selection and most affordable prices choose for the most luxurious Tahitian strands.

Wrist Adorning Pearl Bracelets

June 24th, 2012

Pearls are the most magnificent gemstones in the world. No two pearls are the same, which adds to the attraction pearls offer. Pearls come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and types. Designing unique accessories with these treasures becomes simple due to the fact that there are so many different options.

One of the most beautiful types of pearls are Freshwater pearls. These pearls are the most common type of pearl in the world because they are mass-produced, with each oyster yielding up to 20 pearls. Not only are a lot of pearl harvested at one time, but the pearls take less time to grow than any other type of pearl. Another distinguishing feature of freshwater pearls is that they are made up almost entirely of nacre. Nacre is the material inside the oyster that coats the irritant placed inside the oyster in order to grow a pearl.

The layers of nacre build over the irritant of the Freshwater pearl which is actually a piece of meat from the oyster itself, resulting in a pearl that is almost completely nacre and possible more durable that other types of pearls. Freshwater pearls also have a great luster that woman just cannot get enough of. These pearls range in average sizes of 4mm to 10 mm. Though Freshwater pearls naturally come in pink, lvender, white and gray, it is easy to enhance their colors and change them to any color desired.

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Look Your Best With Freshwater Pearl Earrings

June 10th, 2012

One of the easiest accessories for any woman to wear is earrings. Earrings give a little glimmer and class to every outfit. No matter what the occasion, this accessory can be worn day-to-day or added to any ensemble to top of an evening look. One of the best gemstones to use in designing earrings are pearls. Pearls are great because they can be dressed up or down. Simple freshwater pearl stud earrings can be worn daily, no matter what you are wearing.

They look great with a T-shirt and jeans but also with dress pants and a nice blouse. Freshwater pearls are also one of the most affordable kinds of pearls in the world. The reason for this is due to the fact that many pearls can be grown in every oyster, making these pearls less rare than pearls like Tahitians that can only be produced one at a time. Because Freshwater pearls are so much more common than other types of pearls and that the task of farming them is less expensive than producing other types, these pearls are extremely affordable.

Many people think they cannot afford pearls because they are too expensive but this is not the case. At Aloha Pearls, we carry are large variety of Freshwater pearl earring in every price range. For a product that is incredible affordable, select a pair of dangle Freshwater pearls set on silver. These dangles come in any color imaginable and make great gifts for friends and family. For something that displays true class, choose a pair of pearl studs set on white or yellow gold. A traditional white or peach color would accomplish a glamorous look or a pair of black pearls would give your outfit a little more punch. Freshwater pearls accompanied with diamonds create beautiful pieces that will be sure to get attention as you wear them.

No matter what your style, shop online at to find the perfect fit or freshwater pearl earrings for you or to learn more about where our pearls come from and how they are grown. Once you see our vast selection of pearls we know you will fall in love with these gems just as we have. Our store carries the largest variety of pearls with the most unique designs.

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Wish Pearls and Pearl Jewelry for every woman

May 18th, 2012

The pearl in the oyster, otherwise known as a wish pearl, would be the perfect present for any woman or girl in your life. These gift set are perfect for any occasion where a gift is required because they are affordable and the unexpected surprise of finding a pear in an oyster is both exciting, and memorable. The exhilaration will continue, as she discovers what color of pearl she has uncovered from the soft fabric inside the oyster.

Wish pearls contain a pearl from one of the four different colors, which are color-coded on the bottom of the packaging. The first color option is a silver or white color called Ke’oke’o, which in Hawaiian means fortune. Success, represented by a pink pearl had the name Akala. Poni symbolizes good luck and is represented by a blue/ black pearl. And finally, passion can truly be ignited by this lavender pearl, Piki.

When a pearl is formed, an irritant is placed inside the oyster, causing the oyster to try and reject the object as soon as it can. Because irritants are usually so deep inside the oyster, the oyster cannot discard it, and begins to form a nacre over the irritant. After several years have passed, the irritant is formed into a beautiful, shapely pearl. This process, though long, produces the beautiful freshwater pearls inside this oyster and gives a wonder gift.

It is easy to see why these gift sets are such wonderful presents and we know that anyone who receives them will love them. To find the best gift for anyone you know, shop online at We know you will love our products.

Akoya Pearl- AKoya Pearl Necklace a Perfect Gift For

May 9th, 2012

It cannot be argues that pearls are the most exquisite gemstone. Pearls create the most beautiful jewelry because of the versatility they offer. These treasures come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and types. Each pearl possesses a characteristic that makes it special in its own way. Akoya pearls are one of the most stunning and popular because of the shape they come in. These pearls are always perfectly round because of the way they are nucleated.

During implantation, a farmer will insert a small glass or ceramic bead into the oyster. The nacre of the oysters shell then forms over the bead, creating a pearl with flawless shape. Another factor that sets these pearls apart, in their size. Akoya pearls are produced in smaller sizes than any other type of pearl. The largest that these pearls average is about 9mm and the smallest is around 4 mm. AKoya pearls are naturally white but can be enhanced to dark colors like black and blue and occasionally emerald green. Akoya pearls make the most outstanding pearl strands that you could find. Their small uniform sizes create strands that give off an elegant look.

These pearls look great in a pearl strand with same-sized pearls, as well as variegating sizes of pearls and will be sure to draw attention. Any woman would love to receive a gift of AKoya pearls. These pearls are flawless, just like the one you love, so shop at to find the perfect pearl necklace.

Buy Exceptionally High Quality Pearls Necklaces

April 25th, 2012

Pearls are one of the most beautiful gemstones, and offer the most versatility in jewelry design. The reason for this is because there are so many different sizes, colors, shapes, and types of pearls. Each type of pearl has its own characteristics that set it apart from the other types. The first and most common type of pearl is the Freshwater pearl. Freshwater pearls are the most popular type of pearl because they are easily produced and offer a classic look to any outfit. These pearls come in colors such as white, gray, pink, lavender and peach. Shapes of freshwater pearls are endless in variety and create beautiful necklaces that everyone will love.

Akoya pearls are popular because of their shape. These pearls only come in a perfectly round shape and are produced in smaller sizes than any other type of pearl. The largest that these pearls average is about 9mm and the smallest is around 4 mm. Akoya pearls come naturally in white but are usually enhanced to darker black colors. If you are looking for a strand of pearl, Akoya pearls make the most outstanding ones you could find. These pearls look great in a pearl strand with same-sized pearls, as well as variegating sizes of pearls and will be sure to draw attention.

Tahitian pearls are the second most rare pearl in the world, and though they are considered black, they come in a range of different colors. These pearls can be seen in purple, rose, turquoise, gray, blue, peacock and many other colors. These pearls are popular because they offer a fresh look on pearls and their sizes are larger than average. Tahitian pearls make beautiful pendants due to their grand size and look good paired with any type of precious metal.

The most sought after pearl is the South Sea pearl. This pearl exudes natural colors of gold, silver and creamy white, which creates magnificent strands and pendants. South Sea pearls also come in large sizes and the luster each pearl possesses, really makes them pop. At Aloha Pearls, we offer the widest array of pearl necklaces at every price range. At you will be sure to find the pearl necklace of your dreams.

Pearl Pendant: Pearl Pendants a Great Selection of Jewelry

April 17th, 2012

Pearl pendants are one of the most beautiful pearl accessories you can find. With pearls, there are so many different types, colors, and shapes, that designing unique items is easily done. Each kind of pearl has characteristics that give a different look to any outfit and are truly treasured by every woman. Freshwater pearls in pink, white, lavender and peach give off a classic look as well as Akoya pearls, which small shape creates beautiful jewelry.

Tahitian and South Sea pearls come in exquisite colors, and look great in combination with any type of precious metal. If you are looking for a pendant that has a more modern feel, select a Tahitian or South Sea pearl that hangs simply from a chain. For something a little more formal, diamonds give just the right touch of elegance when paired with pearls for any occasion.

At Aloha Pearls, you will find the largest selection of pearl pendants in all of Hawaii and have all your questions and concerns about pearls answered on our website: . We take great care in setting our pendants, by studying the characteristics each pearl possesses. Many features are taken into consideration as these pearls are set, including surface quality, size, shape and color, to offer our customers the finest choices around.

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