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Our founder, Alec Rupp-Smith grew up on a very small island called Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. Talk about small, the island was only 2 miles long and half a mile wide! Alec spent nearly all of their free time in the ocean studying and exploring the habitat and ecosystem of the marine mollusks. He would dive without tanks to depths of nearly 60 feet while exploring the lagoons and reefs spear fishing for dogtooth tuna and parrot fish. These waters are the home to some of the most beautiful oysters and pearls in the world. When it came time for college, Alec went to Hawaii to study at the University of Hawaii for a Masters in Psychology and a minor in Japanese. While at college he developed a newly found pearl business and made a trip to where the pearl experts for Akoya and Freshwater pearls reside in Japan and China. In the process, he became fluent in Japanese. To truly understand the cultured pearl, it is essential that one understands the history.

After Alec spent much of his time traveling through Asia seeking out the best pearl farms for his new found business which is now known worldwide as Aloha Pearls. Even today, Alec is constantly seeking out new suppliers, as the bar for quality and value keeps rising for pearl jewelry. Today our collections include a vast gamma of Akoya pearls, freshwater pearls, black pearls, Tahitian pearls, fashion pearl jewelry, and south sea pearls. As fashions evolve Alec brings in Chocolate Tahitian and even the new Pistachio Tahitian pearls into stock.

Something To Think About...

When you buy pearls, do you think of downtown Los Angeles and the crowded freeways as "The Place" to buy pearls? Neither do we. Our company is on the beautiful island of Hawaii. At Aloha Pearls, this is our life, not just another business. We believe that each pearl is a living work of art from Malama 'Aina (Mother Earth). You won't find us grading pearls or matching the color from an office in downtown "skyscraper land". For we know, just like Alec's wife (born not far from where Mikimoto was raised) that each pearl has a voice, a color, and the morning sun in Hawaii provides a way for the pearl to talk with you. Take the time and investigate where your pearls are coming from. Keep some meaning to your purchases and say with pride you got them from the tropical island of Hawaii.


We challenge any retailer or wholesaler to provide better quality pearl Jewelry at a better price!

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