Wish Pearl

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace 10.2-12mm

As can been seen in these photos this baroque Tahitian pearl necklace ....

$895.00 Details

Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Bigger Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Necklace 11mm-15mm

If you're looking for an inexpensive chocolate Tahitian pearl necklace....

$995.00 Details

Tahitian Chocolate Pearl Necklace

Light Tahitian Chocolate Pearl Necklace 10.8-15mm

If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive then the....

$1,295.00 Details

Large Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace 12-14mm

These baroque pearls aren’t round but rather asymmetrical. ....

$1,795.00 Details

Drop shape Tahitian Pearl Necklace 11.5-14mm

These 27 drop-shaped Tahitian pearls have slight green and copper over....

$1,799.00 Details

Dark Slight Drop ShapeTahitian Pearl Necklace 12.5-13.5mm SOLD OUT

31 very round and well matched pearls create this masterpiece.  T....

$1,995.00 Details

Tahitian Necklace Light Slight Drop Shape 10-12 (TPG)

Not really a fan of the black Tahitian pearl?  Maybe you&rsq....

$1,995.00 Details

Multicolored Tahitian Pearl Necklace 8-11mm

With several different shades of green and silver, these Tahitian pear....

$2,320.00 Details

Multicolored Tahitian Pearl Necklace 9-11.5mm

This necklace really stands out because of it’s ....

$2,949.00 Details

Tahitian Pearl Necklace Platinum style 10-13mm SOLD OUT

These pearls are all very nicely matched Tahitian pear....

$3,349.00 Details

Tahitian necklace with diamond ball clasp 10.5-13mm Our Best (tbest)

The very best strand of Tahitian Pearls we carry.  This strand of....

$4,499.00 Details


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