Wish Pearl

Wholesale Oyster Pearls

    Wholesale Oyster Pearls

    After a large number of requests for what many customers refer to a....

    $9.99 Details

    Pearls in oyster wish pearl

    Pearls in an Oyster Giftbox Pick your Pearl only $9.99

    What kind of pearl will you find inside this oy....

    $9.99 Details

    NEW Freshwater Round Pearls in an Oyster White & Gold Giftbox

    Inside this oyster you are guaranteed to find

    $24.99 Details

    NEW Akoya/Sea Pearls in an Oyster Black & Silver Giftbox

    This elegant black box contains 1 precious oyster with at leas....

    $28.00 Details

    Bulk Wholesale Oyster Pearls Freshwater Oval Save 20%

    This wholesale collection of freshwater oval pearls guarantees you'll ....

    $36.00 Details

    Bulk Wholesale Pearls In Oysters Freshwater Round Save 20%

    Save 20% when you buy these wholesale pearls in oysters. Each white bo....

    $45.00 Details

    Bulk Collection of Akoya Pearls in Oysters Save 20%

    Get more for less. Now you can wholesale pick a pearl with this bulk c....

    $48.00 Details

    Big Bulk Collection of 50 Freshwater Pearl Wish Pearl Oysters

    If you have a special event or own a store you can now stock up on our....

    $249.50 Details

    Big Bulk Collection of 50 Akoya Sea Pearl Wish Pearl Oysters

    Our black box Akoya sea pearl oysters are among the highest quality wh....

    $295.00 Details

    Big Bulk Collection of 50 Round Freshwater High Quality Wish Pearl Oysters SOLD OUT

    If you've got a few people you need to attend to this collection of bu....

    $350.00 Details


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