Wish Pearl

Pearls in Oysters

Oyster pearls otherwise known as Wish Pearls are available in more types than ever before! We recently introduced two new designs including freshwater round pearls (white gift box) and the perfectly round sea Akoya pearls (black gift box).  Each oyster guarantees at least 1 pearl inside! Colors range from pinks, purples, blacks and whites. If you're planning a pearl party you'll be happy to hear we support bulk pricing for large orders. We furthermore support fund raising events, school activities, and corporate gift solutions with out products.

If you are interested in one of these options please contact us where a customer service representative will work with you to ensure you get the best pricing possible and the activity day is a success!

Wholesale Oyster Pearls

Get more for less. Now you can wholesale pick a pearl with this bulk collection.These Akoya sea pearls are amo....

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Featured Products

    Wholesale Oyster Pearls

    After a large number of requests for what many customers refer to as

    $9.99 Details

    Pearls in oyster wish pearl

    Pearls in an Oyster Giftbox Pick your Pearl only $9.99

    What kind of pearl will you find inside this oyster? Mystery and adventure is packed in....

    $9.99 Details

    NEW Freshwater Round Pearls in an Oyster White & Gold Giftbox

    Inside this oyster you are guaranteed to find at least 1 freshwater round pe....

    $24.99 Details

    NEW Akoya/Sea Pearls in an Oyster Black & Silver Giftbox

    This elegant black box contains 1 precious oyster with at least 1 Akoya or sea pearl<....

    $28.00 Details

    Big Bulk Collection of 50 Freshwater Pearl Wish Pearl Oysters

    If you have a special event or own a store you can now stock up on our big bulk collection of freshwater wish ....

    $249.50 Details

    Big Bulk Collection of 50 Round Freshwater High Quality Wish Pearl Oysters SOLD OUT

    If you've got a few people you need to attend to this collection of bulk oysters with round AA freshwater pear....

    $350.00 Details

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