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Hawaii Silver Settings

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    Oyster with real pearl

    This is our best seller on our entire website.  This is the oyster with a real freshwater pearl.  Th....

    $9.99 Details

    Triple Silver Pearl Ring

    This is a design that was given to me by a lady from Tahiti that said it was....

    $38.00 Details

    Whale Tail Silver Pendant & pearl

    This sterling silver whale tail pendant has a scrolling design running over the surface of the whale tail that....

    $38.00 Details

    Plumeria Ribbon flower pearl pendant in Silver

    This is a plumeria ribbon flower pendant made of sterling silver that holds a pearl right in the center o....

    $38.00 Details

    Dolphin with flower Lei silver pearl pendant

    This dolphin is jumping through a “flower lei” and is made of solid sterling silver.  The pol....

    $38.00 Details

    Turtle & Flower Pearl Silver Setting

    This sea turtle has a small plumeria flower in the center of the pendant where a pearl can be mounted.  I....

    $38.00 Details

    Hurricane Silver pearl Setting

    This pearl pendant is shaped like a hurricane as you can see the sterling silver twists back and forth as the ....

    $38.00 Details

    Large Flower silver pearl pendant

    This large plumeria flower pearl setting is made of sterling silver and has very beautiful petals.  The s....

    $38.00 Details

    Sea Turtle pearl pendant

    This sterling silver sea turtle is one of the more popular designs in Hawaii.  This pendant holds a pearl....

    $38.00 Details

    Plumeria Flower Ribbon Silver Pearl Earrings

    This pair of earrings is in sterling silver and has very high polished ribbo....

    $38.00 Details

    Plumeria Flower Silver Pearl Earrings

    These plumeria silver earrings fit perfectly with 8-11mm round or oval shape....

    $38.00 Details

    Twist Dangle Silver Pearl Earrings

    These sterling silver twisted dangle pearl earrings are very stylish and mod....

    $38.00 Details

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