Wish Pearl

Freshwater Loose Pearls

    Loose Black Freshwater Pearls 7.5-9mm

    These wholesale loose pearls 7.5-9mm diameter Freshwater pearls are bl....

    $18.00 Details

    Loose White Freshwater Pearls 8 and 9mm oval and drop

    These un-drilled soft white with pink overtones freshwater pearls are ....

    $18.00 Details

    Loose Blue Drop Freshwater Pearls 7-9mm

    These wholesale blue-green lustered dark freshwater pearls are 7-14mm ....

    $18.00 Details

    Loose Pink & Lavender Matched Freshwater Pearls

    Pre-drilled and matched for you, this lot of 50 pink & lavender fr....

    $19.00 Details

    Loose Lavender Freshwater Pearls 8-13mm

    This collection of lavender freshwater loose pearls range from 8mm to ....

    $19.00 Details

    Loose Freshwater Pearls 9-14mm

    A one of a kind creation these loose freshwater pearls are extremely d....

    $38.00 Details

    Loose Golden Freshwater Pearls 11-12mm

    These superb un-drilled freshwater golden loose pearls (11-12mm diamet....

    $48.00 Details

    Loose High Quality Golden Freshwater Pearls 10.5-11.5mm

    Our golden wholesale freshwater loose pearls are among our highest gra....

    $125.00 Details

    Loose High Quality White Freshwater Pearls 10-11mm

    These AAA quality freshwater loose pearls will leave you with your mou....

    $135.00 Details

    Loose Chocolate Freshwater Pearls 10.5mm-11.5mm

    A marvelous collection of bulk wholesale chocolate pearls, you're sure....

    $149.00 Details

    Loose Lavander Freshwater Pearls 13-15mm

    Our Lavender freshwater loose pearls have previously been seen in size....

    $385.00 Details


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