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Crushed Oyster Shell

Crushed oyster shell is the perfect solution to making flawless pearl necklaces. Made with the same material that the actual oyster produces its main advantage is that it feels like a pearl. Although we can’t consider it to be 100% a real pearl these crushed shell pearls hold the same weight and texture that a real pearl embraces. Crushed oyster shell can be used to make many things. Mother of pearl refers to the nacre an oyster secretes. As mentioned earlier the mother of pearl is made up of the same nacre the oyster produces. Thus taking the powder of the crushed oyster shell, one can easily create magical inlays for necklaces, pendants and even silverware.

The mother of pearl is manufactured by taking the shells and crushing them into an extremely fine powder. Color is then added to the powder and a high temperature flame is held over the powder until it molds itself together. While in a near liquid form it is molded into a sphere giving you the look of a $10,000 necklace!

Crushed Oyster Shell Pearl Necklaces

The above necklace is made of mother of pearl shell that has been crushed into powder. A high temperature flam....

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    Crisp Cloud White Crushed Shell Pearl Necklace

    The above product has been made by the shell of the oyster.  To create the "pearls" a flame is ....

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