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Pearl settings have to power to compliment even the most inexpensive pearl. There is no right or wrong when you select a pearl setting for your pearl. If the beauty of the setting highly appeals to you then feel confident it will most certainly match your pearl. This section contains a collection of gold pearl settings along with silver pearl settings. We strongly suggest you seek the help of a professional jeweler to mount your pearl. If on the other hand you’re confident mounting it yourself the process is fairly simple.

How To Mount Pearls on Settings - Apply a high quality brand named super glue to your post being careful not to put too much. Push the post into the pearl while slightly twisting left and right as the post enters the whole. You might notice some glue overflows. This is ok as you can simply wipe off the excess glue with a towel. Any remaining glue on the surface of the pearl can be carefully scrapped off with your fingernail. Do not use any other type of glue for your pearl unless the glue is otherwise specified for jewelry. For a video tutorial on how to mount pearls check out our pearl education section.

Gold Pearl Earring Settings

These pearl earring settings shine with diamonds and are sure to attract a lot of attenti....

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Pearl Ring Settings

Pearl Rings....

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Silver Pearl Earring Settings

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Silver Pearl Pendant Settings

A beautiful pearl pendant setting on solid 925 sterling silver that has been designed with care.  This se....

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Featured Products
    dolphin pearl pendant setting

    Dolphin Pearl Pendant Setting

    For lovers of sea life this will certainly grab your attention. Our dolphin setting is part of our newest addi....

    $25.00 Details

    Butterfly Silver Pearl Pendant Setting

    Delicately designed and beautiful our butterfly silver pearl settings made out of 925 sterling silver are part....

    $35.00 Details

    Baby Cradle Silver Pearl Pendant Setting

    This stunning baby cradle silver pearl pendant setting is made of the finest 925 sterling silver. The pendant ....

    $35.00 Details

    Pearl Earring Settings Icicle diamonds SOLD OUT

    These pearl earring settings shine with diamonds and are sure to attract a lot of attenti....

    $225.00 Details

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